Tue. Aug 3rd, 2021

1 thought on “Eye on Mayor Butts: Inglewood misleads Federal Aviation Administration and LA World Airports to receive RSI funding

  1. During a council meeting years ago Jeff Muir (then Finance Department spokesperson ) when asked about a seemingly inconsistency in numbers reported that there was no problem explaining that the city “keeps two sets of books” ! Many reacted – some with “at least someone finally admitted to it,” others with laughter at the casual admission of wrong doing aka fraud , and still others with confusion!

    In the handwritten days, yes there may be separate physical ledger books for separate accounts as in the bank account statements of olden days where the College fund or Christmas club money was held in different accounts literally with small passbooks and with separate bank statements. Families did not use these funds for everyday expenses …….but all funds were always accounted for. Likewise No finds (money) should be stashed in separate unaccounted for monthly accounts in a business or a city. And just to be clear NO CITY should be doing the equivalent of taking out cash advances on the MasterCard to pay the Visa account.

    When a business, or city, or school district, receives funds for certain purposes that is where the money should be spent ! period !! Again as in a household that means rent, gas, electric, water, and grocery money should not be spent for frivolous fun until essentials are paid to avoid evictions and homelessness.

    In a city the same is true – frivolous gift giving as a reward for falsifying information should not be acceptable . Recently the gifts of full-price-to-residents /half-price- to-friend houses, bonuses, Unnecessary job creation for unemployed friends, Unrealistic Salary Enhancements, Outrageous annual bonuses all SCREAM INCREDIBLE MISUSE OF PUBLIC FUNDS.

    Perhaps with a new District Attorney buying the silence of the go-a-longs will eventually make headlines and at some point the house of cards staked by the want- to-be king will collapse….

    Just like the Bernie Madoff Victims, Inglewood will have a hard recovery -the newly renegotiated bond purchase means at least 45 more years of additional property taxes…oh please don’t believe the hype re the “privately funded stadium” ….Taxpayers have and will fund the roads, road maintenance, traffic lighting changes and loss of trees needed to create the imagery of all roadways leading to the fan fields, and in some cases employee salaries for landscaping Inside the Entertainment Zoning.
    While Wikipedia shares that each NFL team received $ 255 million for television alone [more than Inglewood’s budget] the tax “cap” granted by the Inglewood council will not pay for the impact on the city residents and by comparison will not cover the current city payroll for two months.

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