Sun. Jan 16th, 2022

2 thoughts on “Eye on Mayor Butts: Are the proposed tax ballot measures in danger of failing?

  1. Excuse me we are the city, he is not the city. We should not ask-we should vote No so there is no misunderstanding

    We elected Ms Brown to do the job she has been doing for years . He didn’t care what we thought

    Isn’t it time to tell this want-to-be-emperor he is more naked than a jay bird and his character is showing us all that he has less than zero integrity, no moral values, and dislikes anyone he can not control?

    One of the most important character qualities of an elected is that of listening to the concerns of their constituents (us) . Butts lacks the interest/ability of listening to residents.

    Since he chooses not to include the public in discussions- Isn’t attempting to reason with him futile ?

    Just say NO in November AND vote ANYONE ELSE when his name appears on the next ballot

  2. Let’s hope they fail

    Who the blazes believes “we” who made Inglewood included at any time James T Butts ?

    This man came to Inglewood with his hand out wanting among the highest salaries in California for the elected position when most elected consider it a privilege to serve. This city is ONLY 9 square miles it is not Los Angeles.

    Butts did not throw his hard earned dollars into creating a small local business or home ownership or pay taxes to Inglewood. Inglewood has not been the community he has chosen to appreciate rather he has declared himself as ruler acting as a dictator. He took money out of our community when he was an employee, purchased his home elsewhere, and doesn’t even pay for his own car registration at an Inglewood address! He uses our car and our insurance Remember he ran the red light in our car injuring an LAPD motor officer and the other cars driver and child.

    He has lived on this communities dime, with Inglewood tax dollars paying his salary, and benefit package then invested else where. Remember when he ran for office we were to believe he was living with his in-laws…..that would be parents of the wife he forgot he married to when he entertained the secretary!

    Our infrastructure was fine long before he got here as an employee and up until he and his “aye men” voted to permit the Football stadium creating a greater need for more water to flush toilets for an additional 100,000 tourists and more electricity for the digital signage and scoreboard.

    “We” didn’t vote for the Stadium (tourist traffic to devastate our roadways) . That was HIS doing so let him reach into the deep pockets of his Billionaires benefactors to pay for the drama they caused when they created the horrific drains on our infrastructure so that they could get even more money in their pockets.

    NFL is a $16 Billion per year business! Let’s not forget Stan Kroenke is part of the Walton family the richest family in the United States estimated at $380 Billion net worth.

    Between those two (long time connection) enterprises they ought to be able to fund Stan’s dream without a penny from Inglewood residents.

    Perhaps we have not dealt with that many zeros since high school so let us think this through-
    $1,000,000,000.00 is one measly Billion and Stan’s family has roughly 383 times that !!

    And he wants our contribution !!! From us? ?

    Get a grip folks they DO NOT NEED our sympathy, our understanding, our dollars, or our yes vote.

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