Mon. Dec 6th, 2021

1 thought on “Exclusive: Zavire Dion Portis’ Father Speaks out after his death

  1. This dude is. Pure fake this nigga said she raped her son nigga that was you doing shit to those kids this man got kids now grown that the mothers took from him cause his beat them this man was ashamed of his son period and she got water for the baby who jumped out a window of the van and he was not alone and the other kids ain’t disabled Period this niggas was not even seeing his son cause he was ashamed of him but the other son they have together he saw every day he saying the moms on drugs nigga she ran and took all her drug test why CAUSE SHE NEVER IN HER LIFE USED ANY DRUGS ZEDRIC PORTIS IS THE DRUG ADDICT ILL PULL UP ALL THE NIGGAS CHARGES HIS WHOLE FAM IS A FAKE AND LIEING THEY DID NOT EVEN TAKE TIME TO KNOW YOUNG ZAVIRE BUT HIS BROTHER ZEDRIC WHO NOT DISABLED THEY TOOK TO AND ITS COURT PAPERS TO BACK THIS HE NEW WHERE THIS PARK WAS WHEN HE SAW HIS SON ON THE NEWS YALL THIS NIGGA DID NOT COME DOWN UNTIL THE NEXT DAY WHEN HE COULD GET ON CAMERA TO ACT COME ON YALL.AND MANY MANY TIMES ZAVIRE HAS RAN AWAY FROM HIM AND MOM HAD TO GO LOOK FOR HIM.THE FATHER HAS STILL TO THIS DAY HE ACTING ALL THIS IS LIES FACT

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