Fri. Jan 21st, 2022

3 thoughts on “Emails Are Troubling Sign for Two Central Basin Water Directors

  1. Dallas Fowler worked 245 hours on this? Where’s the contract to hire her? Where’s the proof of what she actually did?

  2. SOW = Statement of Work. So why on earth was there need for a question? Any and All invoices presented for payment for which public funds are to be expended should include a detail of the work accomplished, when it was completed, when the work was approved, and who authorized the work in the first place under what authority,

    Here is a rare concept tax payers should not be asked that their money be used as a “friend and family reward fund”.. NOT when using the City, State, School, or Water funds.

    Hmmmmm This is Central Basin …. how much of a coincidence is there that Inglewood’s employee Sharon Koike-Pitpit -Assistant Finance Director, who always supports the Mayor, was the controller at Central Water Basin at a time when corruption was normal operations.

    Is there any wonder how doing the same job her Salary has increase nearly $60,000.00 since 2013 and in 2019 her salary plus benefit package reached over a quarter of a million dollars !!
    $263, 921. Yes that is one year ! Now that a lot of looking the other way .

    But then again it was David Esparza Inglewood Director of Finance who thought lavish lunches for executives at LA Housing authority was “not a problem”. Hmmmm, maybe that is why his compensation package in 2019 was closing in on a half million $427,572. And change nut what’s a few hundred thousand when over looking corruption is the expectation.

    We have to admit keeping one’s mouth shut when seeing funds misspent, looking the other way when taxpayer funds are used for personal pleasure, certainly has been profitable for some who would be unemployed and perhaps in jail if they had been working in the private sector.

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