Wed. Aug 4th, 2021

2 thoughts on “#ElectionWatch: Fact checking campaign promises

  1. Thank you for supporting the only candidate that is truly qualified to fill this position. Even though the City Charter does not list them, there are many prerequisites that a City Clerk should have in order to do the job properly. No other candidates has those prerequisites to my knowledge. There are those who are trying to discredit Mrs. Godwin, but those of us who know her and know the truth will stand behind and beside her so that she will be reelected our City Clerk.

  2. I’m so glad 2urbangirls took the time to get the details and get this one right. Alita Godwin is the right person for this job. Her only alliance is to God. Therefore at the end of the she leaves her job with her head held up high. Her record speaks for itself.

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