Tue. Jan 25th, 2022

2 thoughts on “Election Watch: City of Inglewood

  1. “…Scorza is a trusted member of the community.” This is your statement today. Yesterday, you made him sound like a corrupted politician. What is this game you are playing? Because that’s what it appears to be: a game you are playing – and at who’s expense?
    I spent some time on your site, reading your blogs, your opinions, your innuendos, your half-truths and your alternative facts. I read your disclaimer, “our articles and tweets represent the opinions of two urban girls and I are not necessarily fact.”

    This blog-oriented, social media society – more about opinions than facts – we have lost the ability, it appears, to distinguish between fact and fiction. Opinions masquerading as journalism have seized the day!

    It is not that you are negative. You are divisive. This is not what our community needs and I think you know it. LarrGwen Goodman’s commentary on next-door was addressed to you. Read it if you haven’t. Re-read it. Please pay attention. I only wish you well.

    1. Inglewood residents do trust D’artagnan and I also consider him a friend, which is why the minutes were so confusing, however, he and I have always disagreed on his involvement with Measure GG. He and others listed contacted me to say it wasn’t true. A review of LACOE’s meeting minutes from this week should exonerate them. They also appreciated this blog alwrting them.

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