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7 thoughts on “Election Mailer attempts to deceive City of Compton Voters

  1. Isaac Galvan is the ‘new kid on the block’ and is learning the hard way. But one has to ask, “who is his teacher”? Could it be the person who sits to his right?

  2. It should be noted that “all” of Compton’s elected officials are being investigated for possible voter fraud. The D. A. was getting so many complaints that she decided to look at everyone in order to be fair. We are still waiting for Ms. Lacey to release the findings of her investigation.

  3. This probably will not post but……..

    The writers post addresses Councilman Galvan omitting names (including his own, that is funny) from the official D.A inquiry. As the writer you do exactly the same thing when you omit 5 of 8 names choosing to list only Mayor Brown, Councilman Galvan and City Attorney Cornwell. The writer did post the official DA letter (pdf) which has the complete 8 names listed, by highlighting and separating partial fact (your post) and fact (DA letter PDF) you hid the truth and it appears the writer attempted to willfully deceive the readers.

    The writer appears to have continued the same pattern of deceit in which they initially attempted to expose by presenting partial information. Why list only 3 of 8 names?

    Please feel free to enlighten the readers.

    Your listing of additional names from DA inquiry –

    “Hews Media Group published an article in August 2014, that included a letter from District Atty Jackie Lacey’s office that stated her office has received inquiries into many of the current council members, which includes Mayor Aja Brown, City Attorney Craig Cornwell AND Isaac Galvan.”

    The complete list of elected officials from City of Compton which the DA requested information –

    Mayor Aja Brown

    City Council Member Janna Zurita

    City Council Member Isaac Galvan

    City Council Member Yvonne Arceneaux

    City Council Member Dr. Willie O. Jones

    City Attorney Craig Cornwell

    City Clerk Alita Godwin

    City Treasurer Douglas Sanders

    1. We published the mailer that went out redacted and the original document that listed EVERY councilmembers name under investigation. Readers can click on the photos to enlarge them.

    2. You sound salty, articles generally have a limited amount space/words. The pdf was available to all to read the details. Are you one of the people listed posting under an assumed name?

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