Wed. Jun 23rd, 2021

4 thoughts on “Earvin “Magic” Johnson Park reopens 10 years after last Ujima Village residents vacated their homes

  1. i think you misunderstood when i said site. i meant when people visit this website they talk about change needing to happen, and quick to talk negatively but never giving positive feedback when good things are being done in the community. and yes, I’m fully aware of all that. 18 years is a long time, but i think we should embrace and utilize whatever amenities become available to show the developers that we deserve these types of recreation areas too. it may put a sense of urgency with them to get things done quicker. reminds of that field of dreams quote “if you build it, they will come!”

    1. why should we be at the beck and call of developers? so our elected officials can fleece them jose huizar style? the city of inglewood is landbanking former land owned by the redevelopment agency that has sat fallow for DECADES! no, i’m not talking about Century Blvd/102nd Street. I am talking about Crenshaw and 82nd (around the corner from one of the mayor’s houses) that was a gas station but is now an empty field. the majority of the vacant storefronts/land along Market Street in Downtown Inglewood are owned by: you guessed it, Inglewood. not sure exactly who the mayor’s preferred developer is but how long are we supposed to wait for him to decide and actually, why is the decision solely up to him? he knows there is a need for housing but is moving at a snails pace to get it done.

  2. Looks good so far!! Its good to see something positive like this for the community to have access to other activities instead of another high priced, decreasing value, gated community. At the same time it hurts that when people see these positive things happen on your site there is little to no positive feedback. Like the people only want to talk about the messy ish going on in Compton City Hall and the school district. Granted the park aint in Compton, (right on the border of the 1st district in the unincorporated willowbrook community) it will have a significant community impact on those 1st district residents (like myself and my family). Also those willowbrook residents’ children (like mine) are assigned to Compton school district schools so essentially they’re Compton residents too.

    Everybody comes to this site and and talk about the change that needs to happen, but i think we also need to change the way we think and not be so messy and quick to condemn folks. Lets really embrace and appreciate the positive things thats happening in our community.

    1. the site had to be cleaned due to the contamination. if not, those homes would still be there and no upgrades would’ve been performed. you see how the bulk of the work won’t be completed for 18 years?

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