Sun. Dec 5th, 2021

1 thought on “Does recent arrests vindicate the former mayor of Compton

  1. Former Mayor Omar Bradley will never be vindicated. He isn’t white enough. The former Chief of Police for Compton Police Department, Terry Ebert, was allowed to plead down to a misdemeanor after being forced to resign for embezzling $5,000 in the early 90s. He would take monies from the ‘drug buy’ funds to allegedly pay for his gambling habit. He would replace the funds through his winnings. He was caught after a surprise audit showed an unexplained shortfall. The then prosecutor was Terry White. To further add insult to injury Compton’s City Council approved Terry Ebert’s Workman’s Compensation claim for stress.

    The irony is Terry White felt former Chief of Police Ebert was remorseful for what he had done and showed contrition. Also, his working on a teaching credential was a redeeming quality.

    The need to ‘bastardize’ Mr. Bradley over the rental of a movie, golf shoes and the buying of cigars pales over the corruption in the city of Bell. Elected and appointed city officials in Bell knew they were not black enough to be under scrutiny since the focus was on Compton. It was much too late once the city of Bell was looted before the DA’s office got involved.

    It is important we don’t paint the dedicated officers of the former Compton Police Department with a broad brush as being corrupt but there were certainly enough of them to destroy a valued legacy, especially for Compton’s first black police officer – Arthur Taylor.

    Too many officers were on the payroll of rappers. Or should it be said in the pockets of rappers. When Ramon Allen was appointed acting Police Chief he immediately stopped the practice. Compton’s elected officials began to voice concerns about the rumors of drug-dealing cops.

    Vindication? Why? Mayor Bradley told the truth.

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