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6 thoughts on “Does Compton have a new ‘gangsta’ mayor

  1. Even Gallop Polls can get data that’s not very reliable at times. Statistically, it’s about asking the right cross section of our demographic, in order to get near accurate feedback from polling data. Guess the numbers didn’t reflect the real world feedback. Might be interesting to analyze the pollsters before going forward, especially in a city where the margin or error is most likely to be much higher than other similar polls taken in urban environments. Rather difficult to nail down, even if it’s “What flavor of ice cream do you prefer?” Here and other similar cities, the cross sectional analysis before going forth, is harder to nail down than hunting for jack rabbits in the wild. Same can be said for marketers trying to find out consumer tastes. Right pre-vote strategy, too bad the data was flawed before the question was put forth. Then many are posting information that’s seems intended to put the Mayor on the hot seat, when I’d like to know the real facts of the matter, rather than assume even those points are actual fact. In the sense of fairness, I really don’t know. Though I did cast a vote in favor of the measure based on a hope that revenue would be properly used. Seems there’s a lot of distrust in this town and overall, not a good thing to see, while we suffer with inadequate roadways, though I’m sure that’s the least of the concerns in the grand view. Poor Compton…still waiting for improvement of our infrastructure. I’d like to hear alternate suggestions put forth as to how we manage to see daylight, if there be any. Better than blasting the messenger or ideas they are trying to promote, without the suspicion of wrongdoing. We need leadership that’s united for a change. Not divisive, though I’m sure someone will find something to find grievous fault with. If you have a better idea, or ideas in specific form, let’s hear it? I’m all ears…curious. Just trying to be a bit open minded for a sec, just to see if I’m tracking things here. Vitriol is the order of the day, too often. Painting someone as evil and avaricious along with labeling their candidates, a few of whom did have skeletons in the closet they didn’t reveal, and should have. Politics, even local, become a jungle, especially with a political newcomer who I believe has good intentions, but not the political clout, maybe, to get support for a potentially good idea. I think maybe it could have been constructed a bit better in terms of providing protections if we ever had a change in administrations, which is always a lurking possibility when talking about public policy decisions. Charter or none, an idea, a really good, viable idea, often seems a rarity in this arena. Tough job, for anyone, I think. Watching from the sidelines…I survived 7 years on a commission, but we always dealt fair and square, with no agendas, nor did I ever think about pleasing another elected official in my, personal, decisions. I think we just wanted to always do the right, legit thing for the applicants who presented cases before our body, little drama, no intrigue, but a lot of continuations if things weren’t properly sorted out before voting. No agenda, other than being fair and deliberate. How hard can that be, really? Not very, IMHO, but then my folks raised me with values and a sense of right and wrong. It’s a pretty clear concept ingrained for probably a lot of us here. Good people, trying to do the right thing, finding it always an uphill battle just to get the simplest thing done. Guess I better save up for some more shocks and used tires, which I’ll need the longer the streets remain as they are. Same for street lighting, unless someone here can show us how to get it done another way. And be realistic, because, half baked ideas don’t accomplish goals as efficiently. Once I heard someone suggest, that you can’t complain unless you give at least three (3) possible alternatives to the problem. Otherwise, aren’t you about as bad as the problem itself? Think before you answer, and please, try not to get personal, because it’s not why I posted my comment, which at the end of things, is just an opinion based on my current (mis) understanding of things relevant. Solutions sound much better than goats bleating in the herd. No insult, using the goat analogy, before you trip out and come at me, please. Just an analogy, in which I include myself. So there…let’s hear the alternate options be there any, OK? Can we do this? Or is Compton just a train that will never clear the platform, just always idling in place? Decisions, decisions, decisions…Peace!

  2. A tree is known by it’s fruit it produces…
    If a tree does not serve it’s purpose, then the tree needs to be plucked out from it’s roots…

  3. The city of Compton is a Charter City governed by a 5 member City Council “NOT” a Mayor driven city. Aja Brown has been trying to imposed herself as a self proclaimed full time Mayor of Compton ever since she has been here. The survey was conducted illegally, the issue was not presented before the city council in a public meeting and public funds were illegally spent. The city of Compton has a population of 96-100 thousand residents, and a survey conducted of 388 people, please be real. How legit do you think that survey was????? Aja Brown continues to test the people of Compton’s intelligence, I agree with comments of Robert Ray, and Joyce Kelly. I Lynn Boone will be a participant in the race for Mayor of Compton in 2017.

  4. You start this article with a question, “Does Compton have a new ‘gansta’ mayor”? Have you taken notice of the candidates she has endorsed in recent elections? They are mostly convicted felons. Have you heard the saying, “Birds of a Feather”? Mayor Brown has done nothing but promote herself and her friends ever since she got elected. Corruption in City Hall still runs rampant because of ties with MRT who is pulling every ones strings. And what is most frustrating is that the DA’s office chooses not to prosecute anyone in Compton except former mayor Omar Bradley who was framed. I can’t wait for a new administration to take over next year, and if I am lucky, I plan to be a part of it. I am going to run for the 3rd. district council seat. It’s time Compton has an elected person who will really represent the citizens.

  5. Who were surveyed? Yes, Compton has another gangster mayor who is constantly selling herself as a positive young black woman doing things for Compton in the media. She is on a campaign by herself for het penny tax. Isaac Galvan has listed himself as an auxiliary fireman. How true is that? He is Aja Brown’s “yes” vote who shows at council meetings when she needs his vite. He us always playing games and texting on his cell phone when in meetings. Campaign literature was publicized before a resolution for funding was presented to council to spend tax dollars. Council voted no, city manager wrote letter to them and said he was spending $100,000 and not the $50,000 which he asked. Aja Brown said money to campaign for HER Measure P came from private donors
    Isadore Hall, Mark Ridley Thomas and others including a company from the deep South! Concerned Citizens of Compton and other citizens donated money to fight the measure.

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