Sun. Sep 26th, 2021

8 thoughts on “Detroit police chief resists calls to resign: ‘It’s clear to me what’s really going on’

  1. Stand your ground, Chief! And please know that you are not alone, you have the whole force that needs you, your bravery, your determination, your courage, & your years of experience.! Don’t let the cowards, thugs, & despicable human beings win. #backtheblue💙

  2. Chief Craig, thank you for your bravery. When BLM started out representing justice for the injustice, since July I feel their message has change and they’ve lost focus of their original mission.
    Since June black on black killings have increased tremendously….just stop Enough is Enough, go home.
    Stand your ground Chief Craig, may God continue to guide your footsteps.
    Peace bestowed upon you always🙏

    1. I’m from South Carolina
      I am proud of you Chief Craig. God bless
      God keep you and the men and women in Blue Safe

      Prayers going up

  3. Stay there! Don’t let these thugs take over our country, please. If you refuse to leave, perhaps others will follow your lead. We need our police. God bless and keep you.

  4. You are a good person who wants law and order. BLM all the want is no Police force, so the thugs and the Hooligans can take over. You keep the fight up you are a prave men.
    I don’t understand why they don’t take these mayors of City’s, And put them on a rowboat to China I am one who is all for law and order and I am not the only one.
    These people would not be shot and kill if they would obey the law. So you hang in there and don’t give up.

  5. BLM has been a movement above normal protest/GOOD NOISE/PEACEFUL NORMAL ISLAM peaceful religion/ EXTREMIST TAKEN CHARGE/ VIOLENCE WILL ALSO HAVE PUSHBACK/Blessed are the peacemakers

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