Sat. Jan 22nd, 2022

2 thoughts on ““Dark Money” penetrates Inglewood’s November Special Election

  1. Mayor Butts is no longer serving the best interests of Inglewood residents and should “NOT” be re-elected. He is corrupt and serves the interests of his political backers. The scandals just keep piling up. He deceived the Madison Square Garden (MSG) group into giving up a piece of land supposedly for “parking”, but actually for the new Clipper’s stadium. He promoted his unqualified now ex-girlfriend to a $300,000 + position with the city and had her testify against MSG. She was later fired for financial improprieties and then recanted her testimony. He destroyed all Inglewood Police Dept’s officer misconduct records older than 2012. He goes after any employee “with a vengence” that does their job and speaks up about questionable city expenditures. City employees live in fear of him. The list goes on…

  2. Thank you for posing these questions!

    We all have to ask ourselves why a billionaire (or 2 ) are so interested that we pay the bill for the services they want for their customers.

    There are precious few benefits to the residents of Inglewood in exchange of our lack of mobility, destruction of our community and the insult of Reno ing our neighborhoods.

    The Robert Group president may have spent her childhood here but let’s be real her only passion for her hometown is for the multiple contracts she has received for mail outs selling us a pack of not completely trues.

    To suggest the “promotional mail out piece” is not a political campaign mailer is more than a stretch.

    Inglewood’s planning department requires business owners pay for security guards at shopping centers why not the Stadium and Arena thereby making police available to respond to resident needs.

    Haven’t we been told the Stadium will generate millions of dollars .? Then why are we being asked to subsidize the additional cost when our quality of life is so negatively impacted.?

    Take a picture of this list and vote “the other candidate” when these elected are up for re-election.

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