Tue. Aug 3rd, 2021

3 thoughts on “Danny Bakewell, Kaiser and the Leimert Park BID want to keep Blacks out of Leimert Park Plaza

  1. Why this don’t surprise me! Keep us blacks out our only area to relax have some fun , eat our tasty food dishes, listen to music just socialize and network support one anothers businesses.This we can’t blame on white folks it’s our own black folks who somehow have come to believe they make the decisions for the whole Black Community.

    It’s obvious there apart of a bigger plot to erase as much if not all of anything that represents Blacks on Crenshaw Blvd. Under the watch of all these players some elected officials some apart of their close net team, look what has been lost ON THERE WATCH! the Urban League is a Black Icon Building of District 8 aka View Park it’s “GONE” lost in a foreclosure WTF??

    Mavericks Flat Historic Building where all our great black talent performed “GONE BANK AUCTION” Jackie Robinson Post on Slauson “GONE”. Harrison Ross Funeral Home on Crenshaw almost GONE because of the Metro Rail being built you would think that Marqueece Harris Dawson the 8th District Councilman, Mark Ridgely Thomas Danny Bakewell, Herb Wesson would have all made sure the remaining businesses on Crenshaw were taken care of by Metro before the construction started my point is this.. These people are not advocating for the community there accessories to the crime.”#It’s Time To Change The Guards. And not with their kids by the way!

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