Tue. Jun 22nd, 2021

11 thoughts on “D.A. Reviewing Long Beach Councilman’s New Job

  1. My councilman dee andrews is being investigated for defrauding money out of the city through the Martin Luther King Day Parade why are you not reporting on him I don’t understand how he still a council person he should be in jail

  2. https://nextdoor.com/g/nbpl8f9bm/

    We need help to get the word out. In what we believe Al Austin and the city Is trying to gentrify our neighborhood by forcing minority own businesses out by stealing their paid for private parking lot.

    We also believe Al Austin has his hands in the cooking jar by making deals to allow a private sale of an abandoned and condemned building to an investor in promised for a business license.

    Please see the conversation in Nextdoor link I provide.

  3. This my first visit to your site. Thank you for this most informative article! Elected officials raise suspicion whenever there is an appearance of impropriety. A city council member who works for a company with business in his city certainly meets this criterion.

    It will be interesting to learn what the DA’s review reveals. Based on 1) what I have read in this article and 2) my knowledge of California FPPC ethical standards, in my opinion there is insufficient evidence to establish that Mr. Richardson has violated ethics guidelines. Unless the DA finds more or unless Mr. Richardson fails both to recuse himself and leave the council chamber whenever the LB City Council votes on something involving his employer(s), he is probably in the clear — although his constituents might disagree — and vote accordingly.

  4. Speaking as a former city council member, Rex Richardson has not committed fraud or any other crime by taking a position with Crown Castle. The vote that he made to support this company was two years before he was hired by Crown Castle. He is not under investigation, at least according to the DA office.

    Most blog followers appreciate the investigative results that are unveiled to us. That being said, we must also be able to believe these articles are based on the truth not sensationalism. Try doing a better job!

    1. Our article said their office was reviewing complaints made. reviewing a complaint and being under investigation, are two different things Ms. Gabelich. Thanks to you, we have updated this article with the email from the DA’s PIO unit confirming complaints were received and are under review. Furthermore, you yourself are being disingenuous considering their office doesn’t confirm investigations are taking place nor do they provide updates other than confirming a matter is under review. This is probably why you are a FORMER councilwoman. You mislead the public under the guise of being a former elected which in itself is no barometer on your credibility as a character witness for Mr. Richardson.

      1. For what it’s worth, I used to be quite active in LB politics. I happen to know that Ms. Gabelich left office because she was termed out.

  5. Preventing legal and ethics violations and avoiding any actions that give the “appearances of such impropriety” are both fundamental premises to good governance. By accepting the Crown Castle role, Rex has wrapped himself with serious appearances of impropriety that cannot be undone. No matter the possible explanations, anyway you look at it smacks of conflict of interest. What happened to responsibility, transparency, accountability by this city official?

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