Mon. Aug 2nd, 2021

20 thoughts on “COVID-19 Relief Fund donations end up in dumpster

  1. Ya been played by this article. Think about it. Why not have better pictures. Perhaps of the actual food inside the boxes. Why not get better close ups of inside the boxes or even inside the dumpster. If it was me and I wanted to Inform my city of wrong doing, believe i will go to the fullest to get real facts. People, don’t be fooled by attention hungry articles.

    1. I’m 5’2 and the pictures are from my vantage point. I’m not a damn photographer nor a scam artist. You don’t know me at all “anonymous”.

  2. There should be an investigation !
    Am I the only person saying this? Someone on the City of Compton’s Council-members should be asking…demanding for an investigation and halt all future funds.

    Give the funds to a worthy and good organization with a solid track record. Stop being political on council’s decision. The community recognizes who is being favored.

  3. Are you sure those boxes are full? Zoom in. Each is a torn open box and ALL you see is cardboard

    1. Yes. I saw for myself the quality eatable fruit and vegetables.

      It is shameful that this food could have been distributed amongst organizations that truly care about the people in Compton.

  4. Branded facemasks?!
    During the hey days of the pandemic, stores closing, people losing jobs, food banks cropping up all over, AND we giving $36000 for homemade facemasks with a fuxking logo…..

    This shit would be so funny if reality was of the pandemic wasnt so real

  5. “A member of CCC” had the audacity to BLAME RESIDENTS for not picking up the food !!! On social media !!!!!!! This “person” deserves identification and grand recognition ! Shame on that person and anyone else who agrees it is the people who didn’t appear who are at fault!!!!!! That food was thrown away by them or by others they told to throw away the food is an offensive, revolting UNFORGIVABLE action that should tell us they should never, no not ever, be allowed a position in charge of anything !!!
    It is Very disgusting that that person still has any friends, position, title !!!!!!
    That we are supposed to believe the “well connected” “social media savvy” person didn’t know how to pick up and dial a phone and get the word out there was food available tests the concept that we have the ability to believe they just learned to reach out and reach masses .
    There are close to 60,000 homeless people in Los Angeles County certainly the people who threw the boxes in the dumpster have seen one or two !!
    Clearly the produce was not delivered with a 2 hour or rotten limit and we can’t blame the heatwave so they could have spent a day finding a home in need of food.
    More than the produce is rotten on this situation!! We can all guess they have never wondered what their children would eat….. perhaps it is time they loose their job and perhaps they may understand how foolish their action and even more the attempt to blame others for their failure.

    Wish you would repost that social media post with picture and name of the inconsiderate fool.

  6. And this is the dumb ases , endorsing Compton city officials, 😳 wow! If you guys are not so bright,imagine the people you endorse.Only in Compton!!!Wake up CPT residents, and get this money hungry so called nonprofit organizations out of here.

  7. I feel the City Chamber of Commerce and Mayer and CCC should all be held responsible instead of allowing them to shift the blame and point the finger to anyone else, and have them to perform COMMUNITY SERVICES.

  8. Mayor and City Manager need to be held accountable for all those LIES…
    Mayor has 11 nonprofit organizations 🤔
    Fed’s needs to investigate this Crime to the fullest…Aja is no difference then all the past Mayors who went to Jail.


  10. I’m sure their friend Chris Bailey got the $36,000 for masks. SMH! Where are the mask? That’s a lot of mask.

  11. It is a shame you can’t trust your own City members to do business right that’s why we as the black community are always dogged dog on are own I guess all the money is gone. Don’t nobody know nothing

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