Tue. Sep 21st, 2021

11 thoughts on “County presents Compton $1 million bill for 2021 Primary Election

  1. Curious about past election costs. During a review of the the request from the Clerks Office and LA County Registra’s Office response, perhaps the election question was not phrased clearly.

    The million dollar price tag sounds excessive for a mall-in ballots process. Let’s view the invoice in detail. Not saying that the Clerk’s office underestimated or did not properly budget for this large amount, but funds were pulled from areas that we need staff. The intent of the staff accounts are to be used for hiring staff to help improve the city. However, somewhere in determining the cost process failed and it needs to be investigated, why did it fail?

      1. Damn people with their resolution write ups.

        Figured it out from looking at the budget book:

        1001-67 refers to code enforcement salary
        1001-84 refers to parks and rec salary
        1001-71 refers to public works salary
        1001-62 refers to human resources

        1004-61 is measure p money in non-departmental account. Basically for city manager dept to spend as they like.

        Looks like Typical stupid shit they doing by fuking around with 11k, 16k, 30k. This is like saving for a house by brown bagging it for 20 years.

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