Sun. Jan 16th, 2022

3 thoughts on “County of Los Angeles needs to MAKE Hawkins House of Burgers whole

  1. Another trick after decades to take this families business away. These BLACK PEOPLE are getting fed up with these white and hispanic continuously taking and taking what they have worked so hard to keep their business.

  2. This article a case of how incompetent our leaders are and always has been.
    I want to suggest a story that should be mentioned,
    This home improvement has been serving
    the community in south Los Angeles for the
    past seventy two years and is family owned.

    I believe this story of history should be told
    Thank you

    1. Was the vacant property one of the purchases made by Cal trans before the planned freeway was approved?

      The same foolishness that destroyed many neighborhoods by acquiring properties not needed and either leaving housing empty for decades till they were uninhabitable from broken windows and leaking roofs or by bulldozing houses and creating empty lots ?

      This sounds like so many times doing the right thing wasn’t on a priority list and now this business owner is told because several someones didn’t look at property lines her business should have to remove part of her building.

      Wow consider how many were not paying attention,
      The architect who designed the addition without checking property lines
      The building and permit staff which approved construction without checking property lines
      The building inspectors who should have looked to see if the building was safe and compared brick and mortar to the paper plan
      The staff that signed the certificate of occupancy

      Wow if ever there was an example of the importance of spending for a surveyor whenever adding to an existing building this is it. Clearly we can not rely on city staff to verify setbacks.

      Thank you for including so many wonderful graphics !

      Let’s hope the elected show up and deal with this soon ….no one needs this kind of stress during the pandemic recovery

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