Tue. Jun 22nd, 2021

2 thoughts on “Control Over Community Group Divides Compton Residents

  1. The ‘hostiles’ are simpletons who want power and recognitions and cannot get it any other way. They do not respect anything constructive and want things THEIR way. The so called NEW officers are continuing the same decades old pattern of making sure there is NO PROGRESS IN COMPTON. Compton residents surely deserve better but stupidos are here to destroy anything that is positive.

  2. I first met with The Concerned Citizens of Compton, Inc., the real and iriginal one, in 2005 at Citizens of Zion and at the Compton Campfire, and St Phillios Church.
    There were no Gilda or Lestean, who both don’t live in Compton, have a business in Compton, but are with the Compton Chamber of Commerce!
    This organization is the oldest one in Compton.
    The members of the real group will not follow Gilda or the others involved in this “hostile takeover!
    Is possible they want the name of the group to get bingo in the casino and marijuana in Compton?
    Why else

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