Sat. Oct 16th, 2021

2 thoughts on “Congressional District 44 has a new congresswoman

  1. The local voters rejected Isadore Hall as their representative for the seat of US Representative for the 44th District. Compton voters did the same and did so soundly! One can only speculate had Mr. Hall paid attention to the unheard and unmet needs of Compton’s residents he could have easily garnered the more than 7,000 votes needed to put him over the top. It takes more than a turkey on Thanksgiving and Christmas day.

    Voters rejected the notion that other sitting politicians would dictate who should be their leader through their endorsements. Sound familiar? It should be a wake-up call to Compton’s elected officials that they are not immune to being voted out of office. There seems to be an inherited assumption that once elected to an office it’s for life or they can play musical chairs and move up and down the political chain.

    I am quite sure 2urbangirls is hearing the same rattling noise as others when it comes to the musings of Mr. Hall possibly being appointed as either City Manager or Assistant City Manager for the city of Compton. But what makes him qualified? As my late mentor, Attorney Frank Bazadier would remind me so often, there are politicians we must remove from the public water barrel.

    There is a disturbing aspect to all of this and should serve as a warning to those politicians who double-deal and double-speak to Compton’s voters. I browsed a website that lists all of the votes taken by California’s state legislators. I was shocked and dismayed to find that many of our Black elected officials were saying one thing to the constituents but voting differently.

    Nanette Diaz Barragán realized it when it came to the issue of “payday” loans and the astronomical rates charged to the most vulnerable. This issue hit home with Compton’s voters, along with other bread and butter issues.

    With a mantra of “Let’s Keep Them Honest,” I would hope 2urbangirls could include a column that would detail crucial legislation and how our elected officials voted on them.

    I am sure Mr. Hall will land on his feet, especially if he is truly about the people’s business.

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