Wed. Jun 23rd, 2021

3 thoughts on “Compton’s proposed menthol ban is racist and stupid

  1. J.C., anonymous commenter, 34 year smoker of cigarettes, pipes, and cigars, chewer of tobacco, snuffer of snuff, with a clean bill of health from my doctor says:

    I don’t understand why this is being singled out as only applying to people that aren’t considered “white”, since many millions of men and women around the country, of various backgrounds or ethnicities, smoke menthol cigarettes.

    There is so much misdirection, and outright lying about tobacco products (by which I mean everything we’re told, basically) that are constantly being drilled into the popukace’s minds, through underhanded propaganda tactics, that everyone seems to have no clue as to what all of the tobacco regulations actually exist for: generating revenue.

    The farcical, and completely contrived, notion of “secondhand smoke”, which has no real science to back up the outlandish claims we’re told daily, is the perfect example of how far this has gone. So many people these days actually believe every ridiculous lie said about the smell of tobacco smoke, but nobody freaks out about sitting next to a campfire that contains far more burning organic matter than a tiny cigarette, even though the smoke is virtually identical, minus the nicotine, which isn’t harmful, anyhow.

    The worst part is that everyone gets all of this supposedly “scientifically proven” information from television advertisements. If you turned in a paper to a college professor, and cited TV commercials as research, you’d get laughed at, and deservedly so, but our lives revolve around the outlandish lies claims made in those adverts, and our freedom and liberties are constantly being compromised because people won’t listen to reason, or even use their own brains.

    The government doesn’t care about anyone’s health, that doesn’t make any sense from a businessman’s point of view. The government only cares about one thing, and it’s preceeded by a dollar sign.

  2. Since Compton voters still have not learned that their entire city council, including their mayor, is totally clueless, hapless, and incompetent, it should come as no surprise that they never miss an opportunity to miss an opportunity to display their ignorance. These are the same people and the same city council that wanted and still wants to hoist marijuana dispenseries upon the city for profit. So it’s ok to smoke marijuana but not certain kinds of cigarettes. YES that’s what we got!

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