Tue. Dec 7th, 2021

4 thoughts on “Compton will celebrate Cinco de Mayo over a three-day weekend

  1. This is a campaign event for Issac Galvan! Compton has never had a 3-day event for Cinco de Mayo. There has not been a 3-day celebration for the 4th of July in Compton! May 5th isn’t Mexico’s Independent day, it’s September 16th! Beer and wine were never sold at Gospel Fest, one day event! It was advertised before approval by council!

    1. Do you know that on sunday the ladt day someone got stabbed by a drug indused guy. an elderly hispanic was stabbed with a very long butchers knife three times twice in the back and once in the chest. no one said anything huh. the sheriffs was told this guy had a knife they did nothing. out city security staff caught and arrest the sugject who was tring to run away after his crime. i dont know if code enforcement was out there but they are no longer armed so. but yeah asj the fire dept.

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