Sun. Sep 26th, 2021

2 thoughts on “Compton Unified Demands UC System Drop SAT Admission Requirement

  1. Never heard of micah ali, but people actually voted for this dumb ass.

    Hey micah, you dumb ass nigga.
    Why dont you say we should get rid if the SAT and guarantee all compton unified graduates be accepted to UC system. Instead of challenging the students, you place the issue on acceptance standards. Shit, while you at it, why dont you lower your standars so that 90% of comptn students WILL graduate like if they can just do add and subtracting

    1. There was a time when the top 3% of every graduating class was guaranteed a spot in a UC school and somehow that went away. The LAT article spoke with a student who was top of his class and had multiple degrees from a community college only to do poorly on the SAT and lessen his chances of admittance to a UC. Compton Unified is a district that is majority Latino who are already at a disadvantage due to language barriers. Many UC schools have a high rate of foreign students being accepted, and local students should have a fair chance at admittance too.

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