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25 thoughts on “Compton treasurer candidate delinquent on child support, bankruptcy payments

  1. I can’t believe all the negativity being said about the candidates. People need to focus whether they are qualified to do the job or not. But all this ill propaganda will soon go away. June 1st 2021 is the day of decision.

  2. How much are u all getting paid to smear Mims? Like we don’t see what ur doing… please…

  3. Why is 2Urban Girls so one sided!

    They smear the names of some and shield the wrong doings of others.

      1. You’re not discussing how Satra Zurita still owes the City money from the last time she ran (for City Clerk). If she can’t manage her money well enough to pay the City back a few hundred, how can she manage millions?

        1. Call Akita’s office and ask her. Isn’t that HER job to collect fees from candidates and based on what was discussed during the council meeting, she wasn’t the only person owing the city clerks office.

          1. But she is the only one running for treasurer right now, the others who may owe are irrelevant at this point.

  4. I don’t like Smear Campaigns. One of the candidate is on the school board and our enrollment is down in our schools. We are waiting for a new school to be built as of now we don’t know when that is going to happen. Stop digging up dirt on other people.

    1. Enrollment is down across LA County. A candidate seeking to control the city’s money, shouldn’t have issues with his own finances.

      1. It’s like I mentioned in another comment I made to you, 2urbangirls, “If you haven’t had some personal life, financial situations in your lifetime, PLEASE write a book and tell us how you did it”!!! Further more, I’m a little disappointed with 2urbangirls. I would think a publication such as yours would be more unbiased and fair to any candidate running, but I see that is not the case. Although time has fogged the mind of most residents of Compton about the Zurita’s there are those of us who are not blinded by the humble smiles and all the pinkness. She has to run a smear campaign to hide the fact she has only preschool qualifications compared to her opponent.

        1. Well I can read and although Brandon holds a bachelors and masters degree, neither are in finance. Calling himself a “public finance manager” means he acquired his “finance” skills on the job. His opponent has been approving multi million dollar budgets on the school board for over a decade, while his job was to pay the city’s bills and if I’m correct the city is in the midst of a $113 million deficit (his words) and hasn’t discussed how he’s going to fight the corruption he saw on a daily basis working in city hall. Did he alert the authorities? How does a councilwoman allege an employee was committing time card fraud and they didn’t bring charges against them or fire them? Especially if there’s “evidence” floating around of them walking past the time clock?

          1. There you go again, being biased. What better way of getting knowledge if not on the job along with DEGREES with an “S”. And his opponent approved multi million dollar budgets on the school board for over a decade! UUMM Now you see why she really don’t need to be City treasurer, our schools have been inadequate for over a decade.
            Was she aware of what she was approving or didn’t know how??? Something to think about voters!!!

              1. Yes! And when my child was promoted and had to attend the next level in my area, I visited that school, took a tour, and the very next day I hit the pavement in search for a more kid friendly, better equipped school, with more to offer. Our students in our city deserve better. And FYI, I was a PTA parent.

    2. Enrollment is down? Waiting for a new school to be built and don’t know when its going to happen? Well here is the answer to statement #1: Enrollment is down across the County of Los Angeles and State of California. #2 Compton school district gives a full accounting for funds being used for the construction of the new compton high school and a timeline. the timeline might be off considering everything has been shutdown for the last year for covid. here is a link: https://www.compton.k12.ca.us/newcomptonhs and just for gags if you didn’t hear the news, Compton Early College was ranked among the top 100 public high schools in California by U.S. News and World Report. here is the link: https://cechs-compton-ca.schoolloop.com/

      1. We are not just speaking about this year. How many years has our school district been substandard under the present school district OIC’s (Satra’s watch). Only one school out of many was mentioned being in the top 100 and we are suppose to be proud of that? LOL!!! Give Me a Break!!! I wouldn’t be surprised if it is not a charter school within the district (Compton Early College)??? Something to think about voters!!

        1. How many years have our school district been substandard? Thats a good question for the teachers. The Teachers are responsible for the education in the classroom. Compton Early College is a partnership with Compton College and Compton School District no charter.

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