Wed. Jun 23rd, 2021

6 thoughts on “Compton tops State Auditor’s List of Fiscally Challenged Cities for 3rd straight year

  1. There is no report in Transparent Ca for 2019 !!!
    A simple question or 2 or 3…..who is responsible for budget preparation?
    Does “don’t spend what you don’t have” sound at all familiar?
    Who makes the fire department schedules with so much overtime? What can’t count to forty ?
    How Is it no one produced financial reports ?
    Did the city use the fashion test to fill finance positions ?
    Does Compton process finances with paper ledgers and ballpoint pen.?
    Did someone throw out the adding machines without teaching staff how to use the computer programs?

    Oops was that more than 3 — numbers are so confusing !

  2. Other cities should copy and paste this bullshit:
    “The steps being taken to hire more staff and the creation of new policies and procedures around reporting will equip the City with the resources it needs to produce timely and accurate financial reports and statements.”

    Yo craig corndick, did ya forget you laid off an entire department and roughly 50 people total? Its always more people, more policies, etc.. Same shit different day. I can’t believe you, aja brown, and michelle chambers (3 people) think they know what’s best for the city. People getting tired nigga. Spend within your means please.

    The city ain’t getting better. Everyone neighboring city is on the rise except us. 30 years later we still living on the gangsta rap from NWA.

    Everyone- contact your councilmember. Email the shit out of them and tell them to decline this bullshit.

    1. Exactly!!!Compton’s leadership is sooooooo full of shit. What are doing with the money already received to fix the streets. They keep talking about COVID-19 caused layoffs, how in the hell your going to spend money on parks when has been numerous stay-at-home orders.
      Compton idiots aren’t fit to put out rat traps!
      They all are liars and thieves….just go sit down somewhere!

  3. Compton’s administration and elected officials are truly sickening. They all should do the residents and businesses a favor and quit.
    Question: how can Measure P funds be used to pay for the Sherrif ‘a when are a line item in the budget.
    Compton leadership is such a joke and disappointing 😞

  4. What a group of pathetic fools and clowns we have here in Compton city hall. Even a few zoo monkeys could do a better job than the jackasses we got.

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