Wed. Jun 23rd, 2021

3 thoughts on “Compton to launch largest Guaranteed Income program in the nation

  1. Mayor Brown has come up with another of her look at me schemes; Compton is comprised of 100,000 residents how do you select 800, when the whole community is in need of assistance.
    I guest this is another Dr. Dre situation; when he donated money to pay for 145,000 meals for Compton residents and Aja chose one outlet Every Table to deliver food which the company could not handle…again a failure, everything she touches turns to shit.

  2. Last night Mayor Brown said this program was for “Black and Brown” residents of Compton. About 20% of Compton residents live at or below the poverty line, and not all of them are “Black and Brown”. Therefore, this program is discriminatory and should be stopped.

  3. Just before election time. How convenient.

    The math is crazy shit too.

    If 800 families JUST get $100 every month, then it’d be almost one million dollars a year.

    $200 – almost 2 million
    Etc ….

    Aja Brown is probably sayin “They see me rollin…..”

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