Mon. Aug 2nd, 2021

12 thoughts on “Compton teacher’s union president under fire

  1. This is the most ridiculous thing I’ve ever read. The flyer that was passed around that gave the reasons for the recall never mentioned the MOU or financials. Those are not the reasons for the recall.

    One reason was his lack of communication. We texted and emailed him about union issues. He would take days to respond, if he ever did! He was supposed to do Talking Tuesdays and he only did 1 or 2 of them. When we have our Townhall Meetings he does an awful job. He passes the questions to other Eboard members or to CTA members who attended the meeting. He’s been corrected on his information many times.

    He shows no leadership skills. Instead of taking responsibility and working on his shortcomings he blames the eboard. In this article he’s blaming Loera. The article is also saying she’s racist. I’ve seen her work for the union for many years. She has always been nice and respectful to ALL members. She has been at all union events and has even lead the caravan protest in her car. I’ve seen her kids participating too. She speaks up at the board meetings a lot more than Dada has. She’s definitely more passionate than him when she speaks up on members behalf during district board meetings. How dare this one person say she’s racist! They should be ashamed of themselves.

  2. I am glad Nancy did not respond. How dare you call her a racist!!! Nancy has worked tirelessly for teachers in our union for years. Whoever wrote that should be ashamed of themselves and yes, I am BLACK!!!!!

    1. Some members feel that Nancy’s perceived “concerns” about her ability to write checks and subsequent running to CTA was a direct attempt to tarnish Dada as the associations president. How else do you explain her actions so soon after being elected to the board? She appears to have already been planning her moves against him.

      1. Isn’t Nancy Loera the CEA Treasurer? That’s her job. If she wasn’t given the ability to write checks after she was elected Treasurer she had every right to go to CTA with her concerns. Why wasn’t she allowed? But wait, you made it seem that her concerns was about how Dada was spending money. It wasn’t that? She didn’t have the ability to write checks! She had every right to voice her concerns. That means she’s doing her job as treasurer.

  3. Why does the CTA VP get to work from home with the blessing of the School Board when all of the other teachers have to report to school with students in class? Suspicious minds would like to know.

    1. You’re a freakin idiot if you think the CTA VP has to ask the school board permission to work from home.

  4. How very one sided this article is. Also, shady that internal documents from CEA were given to you. It would have been interesting if you had contacted those of us who initiated the recall rather than laying it all on the shoulders of one person. You could have contacted the CEA offices and asked for that information. Mr. Dada is fond of attacking people who disagree with him. Maybe you should have contacted CTA rather than make assumptions, or report others assumptions.

  5. His statements are ridiculous. I still have unanswered emails and text messages from him. He’s nice, but not effective. He has about 4 or 5 teachers he works with on his side trolling social media for him. Most teachers I’ve talked tobare extremely unhappy with his leadership. Step aside Dada.

  6. FUCK them teachers always whining about something…… go ask the Mayor for help since you seem to like her ass so much!

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