Fri. Jan 21st, 2022

2 thoughts on “Compton street repair fund balance is on life support

  1. Now they want to continue to misuse taxpayer’s hard earned money by increasing parking fees, adding parking meters, sending Victor and his goons to harass citizen’s with fines and increasing permit fees, code enforcement harassing law abiding citizens.

    Go after the people who break the law and quit harassing people who are struggling and trying to do the right thing. Victor is a terrorist who has been empowered and now you want to increase fees. He should be investigated along with the rest of the trash, swept up and put in a landfill.

  2. The new council should direct a comprehensive analysis of the inept Budget Officer Mario Hernandez’ 21-22 budget. I hear it is fraught with monumental errors that will surely affect city operations.
    Everyone knows that he is Triphenia’s flunkie and has slept his way to the city manager’s office.

    It’s time for the new council to break up the Buddy Cover Ups! Clean House!

    Incompetent Mario – Triphenia’s Buddy
    Incompetent Triphenia – Craig’s Buddy
    Incompetent Michael – Aja’s Buddy
    Incompetent Killer Kim -Racist Michelle’s Buddy
    Incompetent Kofi – Aja’s Buddy
    Abusive Victor – Craig’s Buddy
    Screaming Eagles – Aja’s Buddy
    Incompetent IT dudes – Marios’ relatives

    I hope the new council cleans the City Hall of all these incompetent and incestuous relationships!

    No more time for play, Compton is sinking! Literally “Burned Bridges!”
    Disrespect for seniors – senior center and pools still closed
    Disrespect for residents – Parks still closed
    Tax over tax over tax – streets still f*#ked up
    Water bills way too high

    Now because of their incompetence and cronyism the streets will probably never be repaired. No more finger pointing… lift the veil and peel the layers! It’s time to go!

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