Sun. Sep 26th, 2021

3 thoughts on “Compton Sheriff’s department justifies recent shooting

  1. That’s bull tone fullest. You don’t shoot anyone because if what they my or may not be. There is no such gang as cedar park piru. And I traveled that street on that nite approximately that time I didn’t see blocked streets I could be blind or was sleep driving. Maybe it happened after I passed by that’s possible. We need our OWN department back to be able to hold them accountable for there actions.

    1. I also was on the streets at that location at that time and didn’t see anyone blocking the streets , didn’t see a auto burning. I didn’t see anything that resembles a CIVIL UNREST. lets say the young man was a gang member, lets just say he was just released from prison, lets just say his nick name is tae dog, Does it give a law enforcement officer to shoot a person because of what or whom they may or may not be? seem to me you knew who he was and this is what you wanted to do. i did see the sheriffs search for 3 days for a gun that didn’t exist. WAKE UP COMPTON. where is the outrage where is the peaceful protest. NO ONE CARES HUH. we cant just except and just lay down to whats being shoved down out throats. only council that gave a damn was the first dist.

      1. You see this is where your city council comes in. The streets TALK. If they truly live where they supposed to, they would hear the chatter in the streets and probably would have shown up at the scene, like former mayor omar bradley is known for doing. Show up talk to those who were there and comfort the family. I don’t see that kind of public showing of support with this council. Despite some of them living there most of their lives.

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