Tue. Aug 3rd, 2021

2 thoughts on “Compton School Board Trustee files complaint against UC Regents

  1. The same goes for the members of the school board who leech on the community and are only concerned about posting their lousy picture on websites to feed their narcissism. You will be voted out….and you must go!!!

  2. What we have seem recently in the media, testifies that even parents have to pay monetarily for their son or daughter to pass these exams! Unfortunately, that isn’t the case here! There are many students who succeed well in college without these exams!
    Many students perform well in a class setting, but are not good test takers!
    On Another Concern:
    Citizens of this community need to be proactive in addressing the conditions of this city…
    The potholes (channel 2) even addressing the potholes;
    the trash, code violations not addressed…one house on my block has six to nine cars parked and that is just for one house!! While councilpersons are just sitting on the podium at their regular meeting collecting taxpayers’
    money and making deals while citizens are
    watching the decay of this City! The City Manager is paid top dollar!
    When other cities are receiving high dollar value when a house is sold in their area, this city receives the basic monetary value because of the condition of the community and the location and lack of maintenance in the Districts. Next election, we will get rid of You!!!
    Easy come, easy go!!!

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