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25 thoughts on “Compton residents respond to the mayors first State of the City

  1. Aja Brown doesn’t care about anything but filling her pockets and the pockets of her friends with Compton’s money

  2. Hey @2UrbanGirls check this out follow the money !!! This City deficit since Eric to now Ajax is an internal deficit people have moved money from one department to another from the GENERAL FUNDS ,so this is NOT A CITY DEFICIT but a Mayor & City Council LIE to the CITIZENS & THE WORLD !!!! your job 2UrbanGirls if you accept this mission is to find & EXPOSE the lies do you think your up to it ??? THE TRUTH IS OUT THERE !!!

  3. Ajax has come to compton and has bullied her way with campaign lies and force the selling of the Brickyard without City Council members, the Wal-Mart deal without City Council’s input so her VISION for Compton is to sell this MOTHER down to the studs.

  4. I live in the same building as our Mayor (Willow Walk). Saw her daily during the elections. She’s not here now and hasn’t been since. Her husband shows up occasionally to collect mail from the mailboxes. Everyone knows everyone here, We joke about at our HOA meetings. Imagine that.

    1. That will be left up to the residents of Compton to decide.

      2UrbanGirls was the first print media to interview Mayor Brown, when she first declared her intentions to run.

      Subsequently, upon winning, she has made some questionable decisions that the residents, both Black and Latino, have brought to this blogs attention.

      Taxpayers deserve and demand transparency when it comes to how their tax dollars are being spent. Period.

      Mayor Brown appears to have a problem with that. Should she find that this blog is reporting incorrectly about her decision and/or activities, I would expect to read a statement via her public information officer.

      Will she be a one-term mayor? Not sure but we do know there are folks ready and willing to challenge her for re-election in 2017.

      1. It’s unfortunate when the folks who should be administering transparency have a problem with it.

        If you do receive a statement, hopefully it will have an official city contact included so you can reply.

  5. I am confused. I still have hope to see a change in Compton with the mayor’s new vision. Waiting for some of her 12 points she promised during campaign to come to a reality. Walking in the night in some parts of Compton could be a little bit scary, when their is no lighting. I still feel not safe in the MLK Transit Center. I do not agree, on 100% of what she says; Walmart in Compton, The BrickYard among others but I still support her. I want a better Compton. If I see Compton turn into an extension of the port of LA or see more blight and a decay in our already poor city services (how many city request is enough for illegal dumping or graffiti ro be remove from the alley? 5?). Jackie Robison Stadium was promised to be a state of the art by Perrodin. I lost hope in all the current council. One claims its a “good day in Compton” when Wilmington has been in a decay, liquors stores and a strong supporter of the BrickYard. Another claims to be bringing good paying jobs and supports small businesses; supports Walmart and think taking my neighbors to a ball game or movie theater will help their economic situation.Lets hope we get people register to vote and demand accountability. Lets educate the Compton folks. Having the biggest posters or having negative mail does not mean they the best candidate. Environmental and economic justice for Compton. But overall, we live in Compton and we want a better Compton. Lets make it better, we cannot wait any longer, we have waited to long. Maybe, the mayor and the council members made some bad decisions but let’s them work together to fix them. Maybe, more open spaces, Alameda Corridor, make a long park on the top (similar to what they want to do in DTLA). Bring in a Costco to provide better paying jobs and tax revenue. Or make Jackie Robison Park Stadium a reality and bring in a movie theater and a bowdling alley. Lets Unite in making Compton a better place and not the outsiders.

    1. the stadium was suppose to be great. it wasn’t the councils or the mayor at the times fault. the two major baseball teams that was going to do so was the Dodgers and the Angels pulled out. and went to Compton college, because of a higher elected official then our local officials. the Wal-Mart the city don’t have anything to do with yet they haven’t tried to present themselves to us yet, nor have they pulled any permits for that building. we cant bring in anything we have to persuade them we have to ask them nicely to come and build in Compton. we all kind of know what the problems are now what’s the solutions?

  6. I am going to make sure that the City of Compton receives every penny of our money back for this NON-sponsored-city-function. This event should have not taken place without the City Manager first submitting a Resolution to the City Council ,for approval. But so much has been happening in the city that has been a violation of the Charter, and many Municipal codes, and no one is being held accountable for these violations. We the people must begin to hold people accountable to the laws and rules of our city again.

    1. How did that kind of spending get approved without going before council? The whole thing makes my head hurt….Can’t wait to see how this mess is explained.

  7. Well this is fun. I was on Jasmyne Cannick Facebook page and made a comment on her post that tickets were as high as 5,000. She said that wasn’t true, they were 100.00 for residents and a little less for chamber members. My reply, still, tickets are as high as 5,000. Here is what I gathered. Wait, first the disclaimer that this is Omar Bradley Jr. With that out of the way. I submit for your discussion, why this was not a state of the city address. I did not see the original seal behind her nor on the podium. This may seem like small potatoes but it is not because with out the official seal, this is a campaign kickoff that residents paid for. Next, when I became mayor in 2013 it was a clear sign that the people wanted to move away from the past. What does that have to do with the city currently? I canvassed residents…so. 2016, we will pave central. I will wait for 2016. Again, not the current state. Standard and Poor credit rating. Wait for it. Analyst said 11years… Wait for it. But they are supposed at our progress and we are ready to submit… Wait, was that a financial report with no numbers? C’MON!!! I sat with gang members and that is why crime is down. Again no numbers. But a video package that belongs in a campaign. So what I saw was reflection on who she beat. Why? Two reasons 1) money was in the room and money doesn’t like a bad investment. 2) The Three living Mayors before her have one thing in common. Wanting her out! This includes my uncle Walter. I say this because she only spoke highly of Doris Davis, who we all know gave 40% of Compton away? Walter Tucker is back. Eric Perrodin is back. Omar Bradley is always around. The visitor has worn out her welcome. So I watched with an open heart and mind because in the end I love Compton. But I heard no numbers, no exact answer to problems only hot air. My father and Eric will never work WELL together because of what my father built that was destroyed and the city as it looks that Aja inherited occurred on his watch but my father will never say Eric doesn’t love Compton. Times Up. Thanks for reading my booklet.

    1. Very good observation regarding the lack of the City Seal and what its absence meant.
      By the way, do you (or anyone else) know where information on the design of the seal can be found? I would like to better understand the meaning of the different images within it mean.

      1. There were two seals on the back drop: the official city seal plus the one for the “vision”, however, the non profits seal is also on the official city website at the bottom of the home page. Should it be there?

        1. You are correct. I was thinking of the social media pages and cross wired their absence there with this discussion; my apologies.
          As for the website, let me first say that it is about time they got it updated!! I personally don’t care for it being in the city website (or the social media profiles) but that’s just me. And it’s not a knock solely on her because I didn’t care for seeing the previous mayors “logo” all around the city, or on the website. The official city seal, in my opinion, says more than all of their slogans and logos combined and suffices as a complete vision for Compton for the last hundred years or so. I am a fan of the MLK monument though and its an awesome piece, especially when viewed from a helicopter.

        2. By the way, can someone let the mayor know that the link from her Twitter account does not go to the city website? She needs to add the www.

        3. Can anyone say conflict of interest? Can anyone say Aja Brown doesn’t care because she has “powerful” puppeteers pulling her strings.

  8. got it right! People who a tally live in Compton and are honest know nothing had been done since Aja and Van Brown took her position.
    She immediately took the Compton Senior Center and made it a community center after the voters were told it would be a senior center paid with Lease Revenue Bonds.
    The seats in that event were filled with department directors of the city and commissioners such on block club, oversight and others. Most of those people felt a need to go or else!
    I can’t respect Aja Brown because she doesn’t respect Compton’s residents and their city. She lives mostly in Pasadena and doesn’t hear the gun shots and helicopters at night.
    It was just reported that crime is up in Compton and Aja Brown continues to deny it.
    She thinks she is the president or a dictator by running the city by herself. If she doesn’t get her way she pouts!
    She knows everything. She said she has a bachelor’s and master’s in marketing and advertising. She later said she has a bachelor’s and master’s in public administration, now they are in urban development!
    How can I respect a fake and a fraud?I wasn’t raised or lived in Jim Crow laws and I will never give up my rights!

    1. 2UG needs to speak to Dr. Johnson and fund it when the SOTC became a partnership between the Chamber & Urban Vision CDC? Don’t want her caught up.

  9. I guess I did not possess the superior intelligence to look on Youtube. You know what the Mayor said, “People got to get with the program, or they got to go.”
    It seems this information could have easily been posted on Facebook.
    I have yet to watch this as quite frankly, I am too annoyed from looking for it last night. When I do watch it, I will know the mayor only has one vote, and no one person can change anything.
    Your statement of “That’s cold” is right on point. I don’t expect things to start on time, but some courtesy to the residents could have been extended.
    What I would like to know is how many people who are not elected official or their “dates” got in for free.
    During the recent city council meeting regarding the fireworks lottery our Mayor went on and on about how she is all about being fair. IF folks got in for free, then that isn’t fair. I am not accusing, I am simply asking.
    Yes, I could have paid $100.00 and attended. Yes, at anytime I could have stopped looking at the City website and on channel 36. All that is on me.

    1. I watched and really didn’t see anything I didn’t already know or had been hinted at. I wonder how the people who worked hard on Measure B feel about by district elections being used as reasoning for the mayor to have sole power over hiring and firing the city manager. Measure B was all about EQUAL REPRESENTATION. I also wonder if such an act would increase the city’s liability as far as “wrongful termination” lawsuits, etc. If the city manager wasn’t doing right by the district I live in, I would want my councilperson to have a say in his employment. I feel such a decision could lead to too many petty antics.

  10. It should be noted that Prism is the owner of the Gateway Towne Center on Alameda. But, to answer your last question, not if they are in their right mind.

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