Sun. Sep 26th, 2021

4 thoughts on “Compton residents of Alameda Court sue developer, others

  1. I’m so sick of these scam artists who use good folks to fill there personal $$ gabbing screams. It’s not only these low life’s. House prices, even with the housing cash, banks with held sales, foreclosures would only sell for cash so contractors and real estate agents be came the next winners. But losers stayed the same, regular folks who just want a home.

  2. Misuse of federal money is what’s going on. If the money was to provide affordable housing, whose idea was it to sell market rate then try to hide it by renting to low-income folks, then keep jacking up their rent?

  3. There were problems with this property before the plaster on the walls ever dried. The units facing Alameda were supposed to be mixed use, commercial sales and residential. This immediately raised questions because there is no parking on Alameda in front of these units. And, from day two, potential occupants were constantly questioning the pricing of the units. I really hope these tenants win this lawsuit and I would really love it if Kofi Sefa’boyake and the City of Compton could be made to pay for their involvement in this whole mess.

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