Sun. Jan 16th, 2022

4 thoughts on “Compton recount affirms election results

  1. Spicer is a sore ass loser… glad his cartoon ass won’t be reppin the city on council

  2. Former Senator Roderick Wright. Should’ve added that the former Senator is a felon for

    Drum roll……

    Voter fraud.

    Nice going Spicer. Great person to have on your team.

  3. To all the people who are against Galvan, just remember one thing.

    If NOT for Galvan now, Spicer would’ve voted to extend Cornwell’s contract without hesitating.

    I don’t care if Galvan drinks, just DON’T drive and get a restraining order like our INCOMING City Treasurer, Brandon Mims.

    Sometimes we get what we deserve.

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