Tue. Sep 21st, 2021

3 thoughts on “Compton recall attempt fails

  1. You are absolutely correct, I have also filed a complaint with the federal government regarding funding to the Compton Chamber; I was also ask to forward my complaint to following: LA district attorney Gascon, attorney general,Congreswoman Nanette Barragan, senator Steve Bradford and assemblyman Mike Gipson and state controller Betty Yee.
    Enough of this sicken Bullshit!

  2. Also, Aja and Michelle are liars; when ask br Coucilman Gavan with the CARES and why only the Chambers were the only grantee. Aja Ana Michelle stated the the donor chose the Chamber; if you you know anything about grants/funding that is untrue; if the donor had chose the Chamber they could have written a directly to the chamber.
    I have lodge a complaint with the federal and state asking for an investigation into the city of Compton COVID-19 relief funding.!

  3. The recall may have failed, however there are over fourteen hundred residents in District 1 that wants Michelle Chambers gone!

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