Wed. Jan 19th, 2022

5 thoughts on “Compton passes bond measure to accelerate street repairs

  1. Cynthia, excellent insight.

    I totally agree with you. It is so sad when people are running for an office has “no clue” about the impact of this bond decision has on the citizens. Don’t run for office if you have no skills or know what is actually issues in Compton.
    Measure P and the bond for street repair is a double dipping. LA Board of Supervisors should not approve this bond. Compton continues to mismanage funds and citizens are left with broken promises, debt and Council / City leadership leaves with no accountability,

  2. I see no one cited made mention the Measure P sales tax passed in 2016 to “Fix Our Streets” brought in 40 million dollars that got spent largely elsewhere on other items with the largest share going to the Sheriffs. If the city thinks this is so great an idea, let’s see what the State Controller has to say about spending money promised to fix the streets on other things, then passing a bond with high interest to get the very same amount of money, and all the while while having revenue 300% larger than other similarly sized charter cities in Los Angeles County. While all of us desire to see the streets repaired, would you pay your contractor twice to do the same job? These arguments verge on absurdity like there is no impact on the general fund. Then where is the interest payment coming from and tell that to future councils forced to work with less because the streets being put down or already being reported as shoddy and coming back up. Leveraging works, putting more money into the hands of those cited by the state for overspending and who you cannot trust to do what they say or promise is another thing.

  3. Really Compton, just stop this foolishness….Emma we thought you would have the common sense to see that this is more bullshit. You all have not been able manage monies given previously.
    Emma I’m really disappointed in you.
    This is a real joke…and Michelle stating faith in Doug when he claims he had no knowledge in the money that walked out of city hall under his leadership.
    Please all of you just resign!!!

    1. Emma’s brain cell can only retain info until she goes to sleep.

      Cynthia hit it on the head. 4 years of measure P being sold as street infrastructure, about 40 million collected so far, and still not enough. The BOND is basically a LOAN but is called a bond when obtained thru an agency! What is the full interest amount that we owe at the end for borrowing this amount of money that is secured thru Props and NOT measure P.

      These council members are fucking looney and think we retarded

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