Wed. Dec 1st, 2021

16 thoughts on “Compton mayor uncooperative in traffic stop investigation

  1. Drug dealers use any ploy to get their product to the finish line “SALES”.
    What an unconsuming cover in the we hour of the morning, the mayor of Compton and family are traveling home, who would think they are drug dealers ????????‍♂️Great cover!!!
    Aja Brown and family are a joke, they think everybody is stupid…go away little girl.
    You are a fraud and liar????

  2. Mr. Aaron are you really serious ????????‍♂️Please just stop, this is why Compton is in the condition it is.

  3. The Sheriff’s are asking for the videotape PRIOR to taking official statements from the officers involved in the stop. Their own actions suggest they attempt to circumvent the truth in order to cover up an unlawful stop thats quite common place in Compton. In that town hall , EVERY comment except 1 was about to the Sheriff’s aggressive and disrespectful treatment of citizens.

  4. Since Aja arrived she has brought nothing more than confusion and strife to the community.
    It’s all has been about her personal gain, now the curtains have come down; people are beginning to see the evil spirit of Aja, she is a Joke .
    No one trust a word that comes out of her mouth.
    Aja is no leader, she is a liar, fraud, immature, selfish and hateful.
    The best way to describe Aja is a total FAKE and insecure.
    Please Aja just go away????

    1. Can you actually articulate a problem caused by Mayor Brown’s decision making ???

      1. Seriously. I have four years of articulation on the subject. Go to VOTE NO MEASURE P for a four-year blow by blow. But to start, Measure P, placing a one-percent sales tax on the poor residents of Compton placing them into the highest sales tax bracket in the state of California. Telling them the tax was to repair streets, then taking in 40 million dollars in revenue but spending only five million on streets. Second, voting for a 40 million dollar bond to fix the very same streets that Measure P was supposed to address. Passing the bond on a city with no credit rating. Third, getting elected telling residents she was against marijuana businesses in the city then attempting to bring in the entire industry with no limits forcing residents to defeat not one but two marijuana ballot initiatives. Fourth, switching City Managers like water in an attempt to get those will ignore the rest of the council and follow only her lead. Fifth not completing in eight years not one single municipal priority like streets, lights, signage, parks, trash and beautification. And sixth but not last, leaving a 113 million dollar deficit when she was voted in to erase a 42 million dollar deficit. Meaning making a series of bad decisions over the last eight years add up to what the State Controller called GROSS AND RAMPANT OVERSPENDINGWhere have you been?

  5. Receipts. When information backed by fact is revealed speaks negatively about Mayor Brown or her administration, she and others regularly rush to mischaracterize the proven fact as “misinformation” and the person delivers the message as “negative, messy or against progress.” There then is a demand for “receipts” or documents backing the person’s claim. When that evidence or receipts is presented, they still persist in trying to obscure facts. So why when the shoe is on the other foot, why would she not present the evidence or “receipts” meaning video of the stop for all to see? Answer: Grandstanding for the press and community on something as serious as police reform. While activists spent years bringing to her attention the murder rate, the unsolved murder rate, the rogue police gang and the lack of gang intervention programs, she didn’t nothing until the lights came on, the nation mobilized and the press arrived. This is why the stop happened one full year ago from the time she spoke to the press, pandering for votes and sympathy. The truth you spoke is now the next Mayor will have to deal with the mess left behind like fixing relations with the Sheriffs while still addressing all the problems enumerated above still persist but now worse with the killings soaring in Compton. Her lip service to real problems and PR projecting her as successful for the last eight years has left Compton to face a terrible plight with a 113 million dollar deficit, murder on the upswing, streets and city still deteriorated, the city’s spirit split and crushed and corruption being screamed at every angle. But at least our long municipal nightmare is coming to and end due her mysterious sudden abdication from the Mayor’s race. Now…where’s that video?

    1. None of these problems started with the Mayor nor does she have the capacity to address and solve them . Very long reply to lack any substance facts or clear picture of city issues

      1. Then why run for office when in the end you want to say the problems did not begin with you and you have no capacity to fix them? Did that stop Obama from being handed a country in financial crisis and a company many adverse to a black President? My “very long reply” is nothing but substance for those with eyes wide open. Aja Brown was a failure at every turn. You want me to say why, but I don’t see you listing why not. Pen on the ready…

  6. Roflhysterally Aja didn’t mention the part where the deputy ask where there ANY ILLEGAL DRUGS IN YOUR VEHICLE the possible reason she was stopped #imjustsayin

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