Fri. Jul 30th, 2021

9 thoughts on “Compton mayor defends her endorsement for President

  1. Michael Bloomberg has more money than Tom Steyer. Bloomberg has more money than Trump. BUT Bloomberg CANNOT win the nomination without the black vote. He bought the Mayors vote, but where does the rest of the city stand?

  2. If mayors are getting paid off to endorse Mike Bloomberg that would explain why Albert Robles was there!

  3. Uneffinbelievable that she has the nerve to says she don’t believe in promises. That explains why she have no intentions of keeper hers.

  4. Aja Brown is a empty Lace Front and imitation St. John jacket. Her amazon looking ass needs to get back to Pasadena with her no balls having husband Van!

    1. I won’t resort to name calling but she has definitely been a total failure and a great disappointment.

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