Sat. Oct 16th, 2021

11 thoughts on “Compton marijuana lawsuit moves forward with new allegations

  1. The problems that I have observed with this regime and the last two before it stems from a lack of direction and vision. This is not a problem that is designated to Black and Brown communities, but exist wherever people are devoid of plans and the capacity to follow them. And, if marijuana and the potential revenue available through its growth and sales is the vehicle that can satisfy the vast economic shortages that exist within the city’s financial portfolio, then, we, as citizens must elect individuals with both the vision and steadfastness that would allow a business such as weed to thrive, profit and produce revenue, without the intervention of the City Council, and Mayor. To complete such a task some entity must be created that regulates that industry without allowing it to tempt and ultimately overcome it. Is such a pipe-dream possible? I don’t know. However, I do know that when the former City Council opened the Crystal Park Hotel and Casino, we created a Gaming Commission, and paid each Councilperson to not only vote on the issues that arose, we also educated the commission, gave them travel stipends to meet with other officials who had more experience in the industry, and we met publicly. Our minutes were a matter of public record. Our decision were a matter of published records, and our productivity as it relates to taxation and licensing of the Casino, was a part of our annual budget. This is how one must approach marijuana and every issue that comes before the council. For a wise man once said, “Sunlight is the best disinfectant. Finally, as it relates to the rough start of the new Council, I can only say this: No matter who the Captain of the ship, if the rudder is not straight, neither shall be the course. Peace and Blessings.

  2. JCJ Corp should’ve had a 50% discount for Compton employees.

    Be damn cool if I yell out “I got 5 on it” during lunch sometimes.

  3. Has anyone seen the building JCJ Corp was operating as a dispensary? 300 block of N. Wilmington looks like an already near condemned series of building that could fall down any day? Is this what they are suing the city over? Get a clue, it’s a dump two seconds away from demolition. I saw a dispensary at the foot of RPV and it’s so urbane you’d hardly notice it as you drive past up the hill. Other cities have banned these by law as in Torrance, CA and others. So Compton closed an eyesore…yawn…I don’t care for these here and the one at 512 W Rosecrans is too close to two not one, schools anyway. I don’t indulge but did in college years, grew up and stopped….do we even collect sales tax on sales…most clients I spoke with candidly say no tax. Gardena has one near the Rosecrans exits from the 110 Freeway and I understand a sales tax is part of the transaction so it’s in a neutral area and the city gets tax revenue as well from sales. Compton does it’s own version and no sales taxes even enter the equation. Why not tax the heavens out of the remaining so called dispensaries? Jerry’s Liquor sold his building, reportedly, to someone operating a dispensary but it looks bad inside….I tend to be brave and wander in then out again to find out for myself what’s inside and it’s not that impressive…lazy security guard, looks bored and bad rap music with women acting as clerks or what they call, “bud-tenders”. Many here aren’t brave enough to show ID’s and just go in on fact finding trips afraid they’ll be seen maybe…dress in casual and jeans and they’ll just let you in and you can see they’re mostly nothing. Others look like a business but JCJ Corp must be smoking their own products to think, we the residents want them in our city. Measure P was a train wreck and if leaders want their own dispensary, why here? Dumps I’ve seen don’t deserve to be a business in comparison to others we see online. I have no interest, but had to go incognito to find out they’re all pretty much dull dumps inside with counters filled with jars of marijuana. Beverly Hills they aren’t…not even places a real medical user would enter. 305 or 6 or whatever those green lights lit up was a dumpy place inside. Real recon I did and it’s not much to look at…so they’re suing the city and seems the deposition goes forward by their lawyers. Didn’t we go through enough during the 80’s 90’s. Someone showed me bullet holes in Michelle Chamber’s car via messenger, so shots were fired after the closed session where the alleged comments were mentioned re: Galvan’s son…if they were made. Seems we got problems in governance and as for Mayor Emma Sharif seems rather weak in all of this, doesn’t she? We are in deep doo doo, now. As for former Mayor, I’m hearing stories myself so we all these stories about money and lots of it in her vehicle…and so it goes….They all are not looking good from this man’s perspective. What’s next? Only God knows for sure…..Peace.

    1. You are an ignorant or misinformed idiot . . . we operated out of 609 N. Long Beach Blvd., we paid our staff $15 an hour with insurance and our staff was 100% African American and Latino.

      We spent thousands of dollars having murals panted of Malcolm X and Cesar Chavez so that black and brown people would understand the issue is “economics, economics, economics” to quote Malcom X.

      We were properly licensed and are 100% African American and Latino owned.

      Instead making excuses for what the FBI described as the “ongoing criminal enterprise” that was Aja Brown, Craig Cornwell and people like you . . . maybe instead of schilling for Caucasians you should learn basic facts.

      Michael Fletcher

    2. Da “Fletch” just put yo nigga ass straight!!!

      So how bout that 50% employee discount, Fletch??

  4. Well, Well, If this isn’t a case of the pot talking about the kettle!!! Galvan vs Chambers (ding, ding) Food for thought: How is it Mr. Galvan all of a sudden got out of all this trouble with the FBI and was able to run for his seat and no one questioned it?? I’m still trying to figure that out!!! Ms. Chambers is no saint but I just wonder how his child got in the conversation in the first place? Aren’t the council members there to talk about the concerns of the city? Mr. Galvan, please stop with the race card,( few people got your last campaign flyer where you put the foot note only on the Spanish side) If you and Ms. Chambers don’t like one another take it up on your own freaking time and stop using the tax payers money for you guys petty feud; matter of fact why don’t you both just resign so we can move on with the progress of the business of the city!!! Madam Mayor, PLEASE take CONTROL!!

  5. As a Latino woman who resides in the City of Compton, I find the conduct of Michelle Chambers repulsive. She has a history of say and doing the wrong thing. Her District should be recalling her. I am not sure what is wrong with the Compton people who continue to let shit like this take place. As far as our new Mayor, I am shaking my head, HOW DID THAT HAPPEN? Looks like it is time to put up that For Sale sign. Only fools will remain in a circus.

    1. Veronica, don’t just tuck and run. Seems that happens when people give up so easily. Happened during the late 50’s early 60’s as whites ran off when Black families started moving into Compton….we don’t move, we try to improve by any means necessary. Move and you’ll keep running and running. Though whites will take your property and live well after you’re gone running. Not me and not any time soon. But if you wish to leave, Godspeed and good luck….not that it matters, of course. Expected this ….happens. Take care…MCH

  6. Finally, someone is taking action of the criminal behavior that is being displayed in city hall.
    Please don’t stop with the pass two council meeting….go back eight years.
    Don’t forget so call former Mayor Aja Brown she is the master mind behind all this criminal activity.
    Maybe Damon can hire former Craig Dumbwell to represent him.
    Where there smoke there is fire.
    This is only the beginning of all the corruption that being taking place for years!

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