Fri. Jan 21st, 2022

5 thoughts on “Compton listed as state’s ‘most distressed’ city, again

  1. Comptons building and safety plan checker , cuz theirs only one out off that whole department(So strange), it smells kinda fishy. I believe there’s fraud and illegal buildings permits being giving under the table by that one Cat.

  2. There is going to be another Compton press release coming soon.

    Copy and paste BUT change the names so they can always blame the fiscal issues in “prior” administration.

    What IS new in the City of Compton.

    1. It’s on 2urbangirls, so you know there is gonna be a press release. LMAO!!

  3. I feel everyone that’s fraudulent , should be arrested and convicted. Go after everything they have. All politicians took an oath to govern the rules of said position. Stop slapping them on the damn wrist! Make them accountable! They’re taking bids high and low. Going with low bits and submitting the high one. Pocketing the difference in their account! This is why the work in our communities are half ass done. The contractors don’t have the experience nor appropriate equipment. Compton home owners pay four thousand dollars or more in property taxes, and don’t have shit to show for it. Bad parks
    Low graduation scores
    Poor shopping stores
    Bad street lighting
    To many liquor stores
    Bad streets ,etc ..

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