Fri. Jan 21st, 2022

2 thoughts on “Compton incumbent under attack by cannabis industry, again

  1. Wow pitting seniors against young people now that is a sad plan , reality check – if they don’t kill themselves or get killed by someone else all those young people will be seniors much sooner than they expect .
    Here is another reality seniors used to be young people !

    Let’s think about who fits into each group :

    Seniors -lived through segregation and fought for civil rights, equal pay, education rights and fought in a few wars to keep those rights and lost friends to polio. They worked hard at very low paying jobs often for as little as $ 2 .00 per hour (minimum wage in the 1970’s), still they provided for their children and extended family members.
    They saw many of their friends get “turned on” to a host of new age drugs LDS comes to mind, and die of overdose. Today’s seniors have experiences young people can never imagine -threat of nuclear war and sudden foreign military attack

    Young people:beneficiaries of the sacrifice of those who came before them. Enjoy housing protection, educational opportunities and healthcare. They will not be drafted for military service and put at risk of loss of life on foreign soil. Have the LUXURY of EBT cards and other benefits that did not exist in the seniors youth workers compensation is just one.

    Yes two ideologies one of experience and Understanding that every day is not a party, and experience that drugs of any kind -prescription, tobacco, alcohol or sugar (here is a scary look up thalidomide could explain vaccine hesitation) all have negative impacts on life.

    As for the comment “the city makes no money…..” the reason governments make decisions has to be about more than if the city makes money or not. Decisions should be about a thing called quality of life. Clean Air, Clean and Safe Water, Open Space, Rights like free speech, freedom to assemble, education and a safe neighborhood for all.

    So sad there are so many who will sell their souls for oh so little……..once a soul is sold it is hard to buy back.

    Wake up young people those granny types have seen this kind of “eat drink and be merry” thing many times before ask them to tell you how it worked out before

    1. Just reading this and it’s to bad it can’t be posted across city hall!! Great read!! 5 stars to you!!!

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