Wed. Jul 28th, 2021

2 thoughts on “Compton Elections Head to June Run-off

  1. So they’re doing the usual dirty bird here in Compton again? Interesting…potholes and huge chunks I we all have to navigate around cooperating while driving has become a fine art of citizens still suffering so I think it’s time to contact the LA County DA once again, Comptonites…if not the Feds as in Patricia A. Moore. One thing for sure…the roads and lighting are terrible and during rains, they just get bigger. I have a feeling even God is not pleased with these people we wanted to trust, but they’re too busy doing evil, with no shame, no regrets just power hungry and they hate Mayor Brown too, so who’s willing to file a Rico appeal with the FBI…I think it’s the next logical step if the Jackie Lacey’s office (DA) isn’t already looking to file charges…they just make it too easy to send our officials to Club Fed now…this is disgusting and I happen to be in the middle of things, which are Ying Yang…If the others in Dist 1 would unite, she’d be fired…as in Trump’s Apprentice and if she reads this…I could be a target this thing going really dark now, thanks to Urban Girls for giving readers the real McCoy…speaking of McCoy…OMG I know way too much so I’m gonna just chill and stay back in the cut on that even. Seems we just can’t get away from the crazy stuff I’m reading here. Low voter turnout…all of them hang, the Seniors who they court, at the Dollarhide Senior Center, when did he sister leave the School Board? Conflict of Interest should apply. That was Paul Richards about 15 years ago. Mayor Pro-tem in Lynwood also working simultaneously as an Asst. CM in the city right next to Lynwood. My sources mentioned he had to serve the full Fed sentence 14-15 year for lying to the FBI about his business dealings and just got released. Former Mayor now again, convicted felon…and so on and so forth. Tra, la, la, di, da…so tiring after 65 years. Shut the City of Compton’s doors is impossible and LA County is not interested in taking over and it’s not an easy process anyway, though some neighbors asked if it was possible. So I pray for deliverance in June, but it’s going to be as nasty so these folks will be in hell’s fire and seem to not even care….we call that sociopathic behavior, textbook. That’s why mental health in the minority communities is an afterthought. If you’re mentally deficient, then someone else’s mental illness seems normal behavior. But it’s not. Seriously…someone do a psych profile on some residents here…you’d be shocked how many think and reason here…Next page, please. Horrors….seems we’re screwed. Criminal Acts…for real? Wow…IDK what to reason now…didn’t vote for her either. But those mail in ballots seem suspect maybe..saw the numbers and I do math and ratios fairly well. Chambers is being Rico’ed and needs to contact the LA office of the FBI and their LA number…Cheers.

    11000 Wilshire Boulevard
    Suite 1700
    Los Angeles, CA 90024
    (310) 477-6565 (Paul Delacort, Asst. Dir. In Charge)

  2. 4,OOO people voted. How sad that you none voters have lost your hope. Voting my mail is much to easy to do. You keep voting for the same people to end up with same do nothing results. INSANE. Shame on you all. Zurita and Shariff MUST GO. I wish someone would come and try to harrass me for speaking the truth. I am not hopeless nor helpless and have zero fear.

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