Tue. Aug 3rd, 2021

11 thoughts on “Compton elections head to June run-off

  1. I’ve seen so many comments on the other candidates,(especially for treasurer), has 2urbangirls noticed the “little red box” on Galvan’s political flyer? Let’s not fall asleep! This kind of seed has no place in our city! As a person running for a council seat you are suppose to be an advocate for ALL cultures. This clearly proves he is far from that purpose! I also noticed there is no “little red box on the English side of his flyer. I wonder why not!!!? Mr. Galvan should never use the word TRANSPARANT or TRANSPRANCY!!!

      1. Yes!!! If you can find a copy of Galvan’s latest political flyer you will see on the Spanish side a rectangular red space (red box) “ALERTA PARA VOTANTES” that’s what I call the “little red box” I felt it to be very one sided and very suggestive; disturbing!

          1. TRANSLATION: Don’t be fooled by Andre Spicer and his little racist group. They want a totally African American municipal government. They forget the great suffering they endured under the old white racist who controlled Compton. (Then goes on to give a web site for Andre’s criminal history). My thing is why not put this comment on the English side. Most non Spanish speaking individuals would, more than likely, overlook it. Not very TRANSPARENT in my opinion!!

  2. Best to kick strawman Reynaga to the curb and rid yourself of Brown’s influence and complete failure. Zurita is definitely not the best choice. Let’s get it done Compton voters!

    1. First it was the mayor, now Satra!!!! This campaign should be labeled “Beat Up On the Brothers.” It seems when you can’t go toe to toe, face to face with an opponent and talk about your qualifications and the positive solutions you have to offer, you go thru the BACK DOOR and use a candidates kids. Pretty low in my book!! But I’m just one individual. I guess one could call this the Dark Side of the pinkness and the humble smiles!!!! Voters BEWARE!!!!

      1. Voters rejected Richard Alatorre when he was also irresponsible in his personal life and his finances. Shouldn’t that be discussed? If your personal financial affairs aren’t in order, how can you maintain the city’s?

        1. All due respect, 2urbangirls, but I don’t think Mr. Alatorre’s personal life or his finances is why he was rejected, I was there at the debates and from what I could see, his experience and his qualifications were weak. And in all honesty have you not had some personal life, finance situations in your life? If you haven’t please write a book on how you did it!!

  3. As usual, the best candidate for mayor did not win. Lets hope the rest of the sane voters of Compton who truly and sincerely want change, look beyond the smiles and the pinkness of Zurita and vote, for once, someone who has the qualifications, the education, the legal language and knowledge for the position. Voters of Compton do your homework this time! Lets STOP going backward!!! I agree; Zurita stay at the school district. If you are so good, help bring up the scores of our failing school system!!!!!

  4. I hope Bowers wins and get McCoy out of office. We need a complete change. If you cant accomplish anything in 4 years, you need to give someone else a chance. As for Zurita, stay at the school district.

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