Wed. Jun 23rd, 2021

2 thoughts on “Compton Elections: Has Mayor Aja Brown risen to the challenge

  1. This article resurrecting county Supervisor’s Mark-Ridley Thomas and his 2013 endorsement of Aja Brown misses one essential ingredient for her success–experience. It is one thing for us all to fantasize about what Compton can be; it is yet another to have the skillset to take it from book-learning to making it happen. The city has hardly changed or progressed and four years later the only thing re-branded in Compton is Aja Brown. Aja has elevated her name by associating herself with our city’s name and our celebrities, yet she has zero in common with real Comptonites. Ridley’s endorsement points out she is an “experienced” urban planner with “specific” plans. No, she has a degree and no experience as a civic leader moving projects forward. Her predecessor former Mayor Perrodin actually drafted a 2030 plan full of specifics, in conjunction with the wishes of the people, detailing future plans for the city. So, Ridley was speaking in error not once, but twice. Aja Brown keeps speaking of a “vision” but besides her “12-points of political generalities” and wish list, no one in Compton has seen her written plan. What exactly is Aja Brown’s vision given we now know of her push to bring the marijuana industry to Compton. Does anyone really know beyond the rhetoric. Crime is up and when down was not because of Aja. Youth programs are a front for her non-profits many believe. She has not rooted out corruption; a staff member stumbled into on-going corruption that she now takes credit for identifying. And as to her opponents “continuing to throw blows below the belt,” why is this characterization so inaccurate and reversed? Her opponents openly talk about how “below the belt” Aja Brown’s campaign has been, the dirtiest of them all. Street signs of her opponents were pulled down all over the city. She released a scathing falsehood-laced video called the “Bradley-Zurita” crime family. Though aware Omar Bradley cleared of all charges, she harped incessantly negatively, while dirt-laced flyers and articles found themselves distributed around the city on Hayes and Bradley on old charges. She smiles but then lies to the people incessantly, her campaign materials full of lies, so I will take a little less poise, and a lot more truth from my politicians. Everything glitters is not gold.

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