Sun. Dec 5th, 2021

8 thoughts on “Compton Elections: 2 Urban Girls predictions

  1. Bradley charged $7,500 for gold balls, cigars and on-demand movies in hotels, according to a June 2013 Los Angeles Times article, and took cash advances for city business expenses which they charged to the cards.

    Bradley held the office from 1993 to 2001 as a self-described “gangster mayor”

    If the above is the mayor that Compton voters want to have in office then maybe the description of “dumb Compton residents” is accurate. I think we’ve had our fill of Omar!

  2. Wish 2 Urban Girls would explain supporting Galvan. All the things they cited he does for kids are false. Investigate him. There are 3 others in the race for D2. 2 of them actually live in Compton, unlike Galvan.

  3. Nice call on Bryan Parker for mayor. Totally agree that “Bryan Parker is the only person on the ballot for mayor with integrity you look for in a mayor.”
    He really is the real deal and I think would do a phenomenal job as mayor; although I would have loved to see him win district 4 before taking a shot at the mayor spot. District 4 has been neglected for a very long time.

  4. there was some city employees seen stealing signs and one got into a fight and might have gotten hurt. only signs that wasn’t messed with i was told was the 2nd dist and the mayors signs.

  5. I’m confused.. if there are only two people running, how will they move to the general election unless it’s an exact tie?

  6. Just for the record, no one can “stifle” my voice. My voice is what is needed on the council so that they will have to listen to me.

  7. While I don’t consider myself a ‘dumb’ Compton resident, although some may disagree, because I have been here so one without a desire to leave, prior to the last 4 years. I am supporting Sanders over Jackson, for various reasons the article did not touch on.

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