Fri. Jan 21st, 2022

19 thoughts on “Compton elected’s to file formal complaint over allegations of confidential information being leaked to blog

  1. As for prosecuting under the Brown Act, you do realize that the city has innumerable instances of Brown violations by the Mayor, City Manager Cornwell and others on the dias. The hypocrity is real as residents have been coming to the microphone for years telling this very same administration that they are in violation of the Brown Act. They display the same contempt for the Brown Act as they do for the City Charter. If their action proves successful in censoring the city councilman, then I want the actions sitting in limbo in the LA County District Attorney Integrity Unit to also be prosecuted. Hit all the notes, not just one.

  2. So why wasn’t this request to draft an ordinance on decorum for closed sessions made when Compton citizens expressed outrage a few weeks ago over, allegedly, the very same City Councilperson Michelle who was believed to have leaked inside information from a closed session to her liaison , Hub City Dre or Andre Spicer, who then went live on Facebook to chastise her fellow Councilwoman Emma Sharif for contemplating voting to replace City Attorney Craig Cornwell? Residents’ concerns about leaks wewre ignored as this administration under Mayor Aja Brown and City Manager Craig Cornwell are not about to censor Michelle, the Mayor’s proven second vote. So now that information has leaked Michelle does not desire, the City Councilwoman want to see steps taken and the administration now goes along with her. It appears what is good for the goose is not good for the gander in Compton. Or, it depends upon who you know and who you are, locking out even the concerns of long-time residents. You have to pay to play or be paid to play in Compton. Take your pick because the corruption, cronyism and favoritism is real.

  3. The mayor and Chambers need to be recalled. They are nothing but a den of thieves. I’m praying that God’s justice will catch up with them.

  4. Damon “Brown Turd” Brown ???? is an idiot along with the rest of the council who came up with this fucking idea and who voted for this item.

    Being solo in a room, headphones, and no drinking alcohol. Just Google how to record Zoom meetings and let Brown Turd spend taxpayers dollars writing more stupid shit.

    Financial and liability issues? How many closed sessions we got? The hit and run, controller employment, city manager employment, marijuana lawsuit.

    So many years in Compton and council meetings held and closed sessions held normally and now with the covid19 excuses we changing everything, adding layers of bullshit on top of bullshit. Anyone forget the council members resolution education camp that passed. If you too stupid to READ and THINK then just crawl into your hole. This is at you Tana and Emma. I dont know what your constituents tell you but those 10 people dont represent what is best for Compton. Makes me seriously think about how Compton was so much better with the white folks running it.

    Information leaked?!! We worried about this crap when the President gets these leaked out the White House for years. This Compton shit aint national security. Maybe they don’t want people having recordings about them cussing the fuk out of Galvan.

    If it was up to me to protest, i would never join the meetings unless its to fire Corndick or maybe Michelle when share me some of that 8 Ball.

  5. Devils in a blue and red dress;these two are totally Sicken☹️

  6. Dr. Dre establishment should ask Aja for a report on the 145,000 meals and COVID-19 testing that he paid for; Aja choose Everytable to handle this massive volume; which was totally incapable. No way did Everytable provide 145,000 meals; they could’nt handle 500 meals in a day.
    Stay tune there will be a video presented to all the networks with regards to the residents help with Dr. Dre’s donation.
    Aja has sucked up every generous donations for non-profits for her self.

    1. I worked with Everytable until August if this year . They have the ability to make 12500 meals a day in their facility kitchen. I also worked the drive through on several days and wevwent through 300 plus meals in under two hours on several occasions

      1. Not the Truth, we were there for the first week of food give away at Everytable.
        1) on the first day Everytable opened at 10:00am and closed at 10:30 due to running out of food.
        2)second day Everytable opened at 10:15 and closed at 11:00 due to running out of food
        3) day you gave out less then 300 meals
        , should I continue not to mention have the Councilmember didn’t know this was available!

    2. Truth in it. I asked the same. They stated 500 meals for 6 weeks which equaled 15,000 meals. I then asked council about the remaining 130,000 means and received no response. Dr. Dre was not the only one giving money to Compton and yet there has been no accounting of COVID federal money or private donations, yet the City Manager announced just last week that the money has been expended. On who, for what? How many came up in Compton, quite a few I’m guessing. Forensic audit needed of the city on this question and every non-profit or contribution received by any politician. The greed is real.

  7. Compton residents you thought Janna Zurita was bad and needed to go; at least Janna owned her shit(whether right or wrong).
    Michelle Chambers and rest of the devils are worst.
    1)Aja has been self promoting since she got here and is unable to deliver on any promise; she is a BIG fraud with no substance .
    2) Michelle is a drunk
    3) Galvan is the only one asking the right questions; why do you think Michelle , Aja and Damon want to silence Galvan????????‍♂️
    3) Tana doesn’t know what day it is.
    4) Emma can’t think for herself.
    Craig is to pathetic to put into words.
    Damon is a sorry attorney
    Doug is helping the thieves!
    You guys are totally EMBARRASSING!!!!!!

  8. When info is leaked that usually means the team is not cohesive and there is too many personal items attempting to influence the agenda. This is always counter productive and causes a freeze on progress. Only an inclusive leader can thrive.

  9. Are you kidding me!!!! What you should be forwarding to the DA is you all stealing and lying….Compton so call leadership is totally ridiculous and pathetic!

  10. does this include chambers assistant andre spicer leaking information. hey damon don’t forget a few months ago andre spicer telling the world he feared he was about to loose his job because emma sharif agreed to have a closed session about firing craig cornball. the leaks appear to be coming from people craig is allowing to work in city hall. hey craig how did andre spicer know which council members contacted the city clerk and asked for that closed session item before the agenda was posted? isn’t that information confidential? violation of the brown act? who leaked that, chambers then spicer? michelle probably slipped and gave up the info while she was drunk. it appears each time chambers has called in to conduct council meetings and off camera shes drunk somewhere. this policy is gonna come back to bite her

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