Tue. Dec 7th, 2021

11 thoughts on “Compton District 1 and 4 Endorsements

  1. Thank you 2Urban Girls, for providing information regarding events that take place in the City of Compton. Unfortunately what is going on in Compton now is not in the best interest of the People and City of Compton. The 3 candidates not of participating in the last Candidate’s forum is a perfect example of “Lack of Respect for the people of Compton.” When a candidate does not feel that it is important to present their platform to the people that they are soliciting a vote from then,there is something wrong. Personally there was no issue when it came to my selection of a Candidate for the 1st District Richard Alatorre. My fight has always been and will continue to be for the betterment of Compton, so I cannot support or make acceptations for “WRONG” and then expect the city to become better. The requirement for Council person in Compton is that you live, and remain living in the District of which you are running for. Janna Zurtia does not , and has not lived in District 1 for the last 3 1/2 years. WRONG

  2. For discussion, not argument…How many forums were there and who attended? Anybody know?

    1. Not sure but blowing off the residents to pick up an award shows where priorities are.

      My question to the incumbents would be to explain the $1.3 million gained from increased trash fees that Janna Zurita mentioned at the forum hosted by the chamber last Saturday. Questions are:

      1. Are the fees passed on to residents;

      2. Are the fees added on the water bills;

      3. How are these additional funds being spent.

      Unfortunately the incumbents didn’t show up to answer those questions. Sounds like the council is deceiving the residents. If the city is so broke how can they afford to issue refunds is another question that comes to mind. Can you ask the candidate you’re supporting Jo and get back to us?

      1. I see a jump from $19.67 to $20.03..It would be much easier if I could find anything in here. Sewer CIP from $3.19 to $3.83 to $4.47…

      2. I would question the 1.3 million gained from the trash fees.I cannot find this in written anywhere to be the truth.

  3. Agreed wholeheartedly…shame on the rest of them. Intelligent reasoning for tense times here. I heard about the matter from a trusted source. Shocking, but then again, for this town, typical. Change is coming. And I welcome the change if voters are also as tired as I am of the shenanigans going on lately. They’ve got a chance to get it right this time. Driving these streets in my district has been a challenge of immense proportions and we’ve been feeling the bumps for at least the last 8 years now. Enough!

    1. At the last candidate forum, hosted by the Chamber, the incumbents mentioned they have paved streets. Too bad they didn’t choose to fix those on major roadways; like Central b/t Greenleaf and Rosecrans. I left Gateway and traveled N/B on Central and there were no lanes! Just a big glob of asphalt that was uneven. They want to spend $3M on a three mile stretch of road on Central near the 91? Gross mismangement of the peoples money.

  4. Considering what (who) we have to consider, I have to agree with your sentiments. I really wish the voters had other choices. I am not very optimistic as to how the city will function in the next two years. The citizens of Compton really need a miracle. God, help us!

    1. I don’t understand how Compton Unified sued council for failure to enforce then the same CUSD members endorse putting the same people back in the seat. It defies all logic and reasoning.

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