Tue. Sep 21st, 2021

6 thoughts on “Compton councilwoman disrespects resident at last council meeting

  1. I’ve seen Ms. Arceanux get mad. If you haven’t seen it, then you haven’t seen it. She does have a bit of a temper …..If she wanted to waste her last public appearance as a councilperson “Telling off” Ms. Kelly, then that is added to her legacy I guess. OH WELL. She’s had the last however many years to walk to Ms. Kelly’s house (And yes, it’s walking distance) and tell her whatever she wished. Onward and hopefully upward..

  2. Watched the video and observed Councilwoman Arceneaux over the years. She is a class act and I think she just fed up with being attacked for all these years. Can you blame her for taking up for herself? People are tired of the circus act. You can address people without attacking and Kelly attacked first “your ears were really burning by being here” then called her ignorant and said she was going to the “big house.” Joyce harasses folks on the dais for years. James Brown the hater please sit down!! Boone acted civil and showed respect and humbled herself. Then they both acted like grown women and called it a truce. Way to go!! This woman served for 22 years show some respect please!! God bless you Mrs. Arceaneaux!!

  3. I was a witness to that outburst and was really surprised to see her go out that way. Elected officials are supposed to have ‘thick skin’ and take criticism without responding in the manner that Mrs. Arceneaux did. While I did not always agree with her voting history as a councilperson, I do respect her longevity on the council.

  4. I said nothing to Councilwoman Arceneaux that I had never said before! She was really out of control, as if she had a heavy monkey on her back! When she realized she was disrespecting (me) the very person who had asked constantly for 10 years that the elected officials respect the residents who pay them, she pretended to cry! She knew I’m not the one who takes lightly to them violating the Ralph M Brown Act, as I constantly remind them. She knows I won a lawsuit against the deputy district attorney/mayor. She knows I value the laws that governs me! She can hold her breath, and she can realize her mistakes and greed!

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