Mon. Aug 2nd, 2021

1 thought on “Compton Councilwoman Caught in Blatant Lie

  1. I saw his photo and saw his eyes…something was off and now I know…I worked in health care and we saw much come through the doors of MLK/Drew and I see it often in the eyes of our young people here since recreational was legalized…he looked like he was high on weed. The campaign shots…the should have photoshopped his red eyes…knew there was something going on here. Now Captain Obvious has revealed the truth. Why I enjoy 2 Urban Girls and their good reporting skills. Some you win, some you get bad data, but this just makes sense now. And once, I did indulge and inhaled, not since this Cali thing, but takes a former toker to catch another. Dig this, FBI will hire you if you’ve smoked MJ,. just don’t lie on the app and say you never did, because they can do a hair test and find out. So what if we somehow could get candidates to do a voluntary drug screen before running for public office. I have a good friend who recently got rear ended by someone DUI and Marijuana was his explanation for running into the back of two parked cars at a stoplight…he car totaled and she’s having medical issues that prevent her from resuming her duties now. All because of a pothead behind the wheel and now, this guy wants to get elected to City Council for Compton? No way in Hades should anyone vote for a pothead and marijuana dealer to represent their district. Time to contact our only real resource now…churches…so they can know the facts. No wonder he didn’t show at the debate, probably high and forgot about it. Happens. They lose keys, forget to pick up the kids and other things being pot dependent. And if he’s attended any of the festivals, how can we find out and let the public know. See, some of us still have this thing about pot smokers…and elected officials have no business using recreational drugs the same way employers will drug test applicants for a job at Union Pacific. Get it? People in Compton, clueless and sort of ignorant, some of them who vote.

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