Fri. Jan 21st, 2022

6 thoughts on “Compton councilman, others arrested for election rigging and bribery

  1. This man has had issues from the moment he was elected. DUI’s, Drunk and fighting, FBI raids and now this? This isn’t a one shot, one time thing, he has shown historically that his integrity is compromised. Sorry you may not like Aja Brown but she isn’t the puppet master making him do these ridiculous things. I hope this begins the clean up of city hall. People are tired.

  2. Galvan was set up,, this was done to take the attention away from the real issue Compton has and that’s money being stolen for years period…..

  3. People of Compton aren’t you tried of this bullshit. Master puppet Aja Brown ( aka devil in the dirty blue dress) stop your undermining, the FBI is onto you, that’s why you didn’t run.
    Andre Spacer sit your dumb, meth marijuana dizzie ass down somewhere, no one wants you dirty clown.
    Councilmember Galvan we have your back!

    1. Please show some discretion of calling another dumb, when you compose yourself as an IDIOT.

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