Sat. Oct 16th, 2021

5 thoughts on “Compton councilman finds colleagues behavior “unethical”

  1. I hope that Emma knows that there is an entire city ready to build a coalition of unity with her. I pray for calm to bless our council after eight tumultuous years. Hopefully, she doesn’t forget that we all stood behind her when Aja said she needed lessons on how to be a council person. We stand at the ready, and remember, it’s chess not checkers! Kudos to newly elected councilman Bowers! I’m sure he made his entire family, all Compton natives proud!

  2. Dear Anonymous, you took my words. I’m so happy to see the corrupt crooks get out! I’m asking the current administration to rescind all the illegal contracts and anything that was not brought before the people. Aja Brown’s administration has depleted the City’s money and properties.
    I’m very happy Councilman Bowers is adding knowledge, management skills, dignity, intelligence, ethics, professionalism and loyalty to the administration. He should be the mayor.
    In fact, if Emma continues to act ignorant of the facts and people’s interest, she will be recalled!
    Craig Cornwell was warned twice by me when he first got here, not to become friends to corruption!

  3. Still lying on her way out the door! Wonder how many millions she lost as a result of Cornwell’s abrupt send off?
    How many documents and contracts did unethical & incompetent Cornwell sign on his last day? I hear he and his, “Den of fools” we’re in City Hall late.
    In their own words, take out the incompetent trash with him… Triphenia and the city hall f••k boy Mario, Antwine, Lupita, Killer Kim McKenzie.

    And put a qualified Public Works Director and Street Superintendent so we can get the light fixed in the middle of Compton Blvd. Craig & Aja will no longer be there to direct his steps! #getout #begonealready #youlookbettergoing #poof

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