Sun. Sep 26th, 2021

15 thoughts on “Compton council to appoint new councilmember at tonights special meeting

  1. Jo is right, they were to be typed. But show me someone under 50 using a typewriter to fill out an application and I’ll show you someone who is not getting jobs. At the very least it should have been an editable or downloadable pdf. Furthermore the Clerks office did not issue any receipt, logging, time or date stamp for the applications upon submission. How do I know my app wasn’t thrown in the trash? At Wednesday’s meeting Sharif and Brown also stated that they got recommendations from Arceneaux, but they mentioned 2 different people. Sharif said Arceneaux recommended McCoy, Brown said the person Arceneaux recommended did not apply and then Arceneaux proposed McCoy. Somebody is f©©©©©© Lying. Point being why was Arceneaux privy to the list of applicants and the public was not? How do we know if Brown only gave Arceneaux a partial list during their discussion to steer the recommendation towards McCoy and used Arceneaux’s name to give it weight? Why did Sharif suddenly come out of her cloud of confusion overnight….drop her original nominee and go with McCoy? At least Galvan showed courage and stuck with his nominee, the only Latino even mentioned. Too many unanswered questions for me.

      1. one answer is she is a very very close hand out party and drinking buddy with a council person that.s sitting now.that means

    1. Okay, I heard that a little different.. I thought Sharif said she had spoken to Ms. Arcenaux and Ms. Arcenaux said the person she wanted to replace her did not apply.. And Sharif spoke to that person and that person said they supported Ms. McCoy.. Therefore Sharif did not pursue appointing Ms. Taylor…But, however we heard it, (and I have ZERO desire to watch it again) we still do not know who Ms. Arcenaux’s choice was (I think)…Ugh.. LOL

      1. Also I feel Ms. Arceanux did Mr. Carlos a little dirty…Mr. Carlos kinda flip flopped on the whole restricted parking issue. Hey, it’s okay to change your mind, but remember why you had your opinion in the first place and don’t sell the others down the river. Ms. Arceanux was always saying he was prominent in the Latino community and he now understood why we had restricted parking. WELL, if it took him all that time to understand, guess that smack is not working…But she would never admit that. I don’t care if I was the only green person or whatever, I would ever let that woman use me as an example. I could go on and on, but NO..

  2. Tana McCoy was chosen. I tried. What I did not hear about Mrs. McCoy or from her was a commitment to serve the people of Compton. This was my commitment. She was chosen because of her work history with the city.

  3. Only 9 applications were submitted (per the Mayor). The public has no idea who all 9 applicants were or what type of debate took place over their qualifications. Incoming and outgoing applications were not logged or time stamped by the City Clerk (just drop it it off and trust us!) This was not an application for honest, average citizens, this was a shrewd business transaction to award the seat to a crony. Only 3 days to apply for a job like this? No ranking of applicants? Some ‘ol bull****. Immature leadership with immature results!

    1. I believe she said 9 COMPLETE applications… Not taking her side, that’s just what I recall. I understand the applications were to be typed. Possibly some people did not do that (?)

  4. I wish for the City of Compton, that you all decide, not allow these proven failures to decide. And no longer allow the bad to over ride the good. Latino’s are 86% of the students in the schools and over 65% of the community. And you have no representation. Allowing the nepotism and personal friendships of the people that have suppressed you, to continue, well, is just shameful. So make sure, no matter who you choose, is not related to, friends with and not bought by the raciest regime and sell out Hente, that has cursed your children and your own advancements and brought shame to those that fought the real fights for equal representation and equality in the City of Compton.
    And Joyce, never, ever give up until they do!
    Kathy Jurado

  5. I turned in my application, knowing I had no chance to get a nomination from the elite council, because I was probably over qualified!
    I do plan on running for that position.

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